Alien Invasion?

By Jules Allyn, Editor In-Chief, Allynsville Times

Has our peaceful and charming town been chosen by an outside force as a location to incubate and spawn an extraterrestrial life form? Has Earth’s magnetic field gone berserk? Is Allynsville “under surveillance” by a pod shaped drone? Or does this “orb” represent a departed soul back for a visit?

The video below was captured on April 18, 2014 by Allynsville residents Gloria Good and Steven Goth while on a morning stroll through Pueblo Park’s hidden trail system, 92.8 miles south of Area 51, Nevada. This mysterious pod, as you can clearly see, seems to have intelligent reaction to what it perceives as a threat from Mr. Goth and his camera. As we are all aware, nature is a plethora of mysteries… and this one is no exception!

(Click off the HD feature on playback if the video pauses.)

Have you seen this pod like anomaly? If so, please report this to the Allynsville Times, Attn: Jewels Allyn. Be aware, this mysterious pod is still out there! Approach with caution until authorities are able to capture it and further investigate.

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