It’s Official


I am (and have been) going through a mid-life crisis. I’d like to surround this feeling with humor, but there is nothing funny about it. SERIOUSLY! I’m having tremendous difficulties making sense of my life or perhaps I should say, difficulties in finding a direction for my life.

I keep trying different artistic things in hope of generating an emotional stronghold, one that will carry me through the next few years until this crisis is over, (or at least back to a manageable level) but nothing seems to give me the lasting inspiration I am looking for.

Oh well, eventually I will find what I’m looking for, so in the meantime, I will continue to look for interesting things in life and worry about all the rest later.


It’s Official — 7 Comments

  1. You are not alone, Steve. each morning I wake up I wonder why? I have lots of things to do but really do not find the joy in them.
    You know if you ever feel like taking. We can chat on skype or Google+
    Sending BIG HUGS your way

  2. i have searched for 2 or 3 years for the secret to midlife crises ! all have have found r fun and interesting things with which to occupy myself so i think u may have to just keep looking for the humor of everyday life!! at least u know how to share what u find thanks to multi media! if u ever do fing the secret – let me know!! make me smile til then thanks, sue

  3. I’m sorry you’re going through that, I guess a lot of people are. You are
    very talented, your art is fabulous, and you should be very proud of that, not everyone has the ability to be an artist, sending hugs your way, Jackie oxox

  4. thanks for the sunflower 🙂 makes me feel you might have been thinking of me once again, as you seem to climb into my head quite often with your thoughts being close to mine too.
    Midlife- crisis- yup…in 2004 when I had to close my bbq, my life ended….that….was my life, my baby, my whole reason for living, I got up went to work, 7 days a week and loved it….even tho, I had to crawl many times, as my legs were giving out but, it was my joy, my excitement, my everything…..its been a death which still brings tears to my eyes if i start thinking about it …..of what I should have done differently, what I could have changed, never seeming to see a clear vision thru that smoke i just keep hoping….one day….another vision of possability comes alone, which will wake the sleeping monster inside which wants passion again, which wants to creat again, which wants to give to othrs again…..each day i come to my job which barely pays the bills, has no creativite outlet and has no soul to which I feel kindred to- yup tires are black and round and come in hundreds of sizes, dont call and ask how much a set of tires are without knowing the size you need please……..and hope to God I dont shout my anger out at the next stupid shit that calls and says “Ive been hearing a squealing for about 2 months now and im leaving town at noon can u get my brakes fixed if I bring the car in at 9 this morning”
    I can so relate…once again…..

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