Needle In A Haystack

VIEWS! I want views for my comic strip! Easier said then done though. The internet is a vast and complicated digital universe, yet at times, feels no bigger than a needle in a haystack.

How does one manage to reach the masses? Better question, how does one find the time to reach the masses? I could devote many hours a day scouting the Internet social networks to advertise Eyeronics, but just planting a seed isn’t enough. The site needs water to grow and I live in the friggin’ desert!

In regards to product promotion, someone in the business once said to me “people need to be told what they want.”, that makes sense because today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world is filled with thousands of choices and for each product you are trying to promote, there are 50 more just like it, all claiming to be bigger, better and faster.  It is difficult to NOT get lost in the crowd.

One In A Million


Needle In A Haystack — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve always wondered that as well. Why do some videos go viral? Why does one picture end up all over the news, the talk shows, tone thought is that they are lazy, so if one does it they all do. Yet how does one get it into the hands of that one person? Send it to someone like Jon Stewart? Send it to the Today Show? There has to be someone on Ellen’s staff paid to comb the web searching for funny things. Probably Jon Stewart and many others do as well. Your strip is well drawn and funny. If one of the staff were to see it, you would have a chance to be chosen. The humor does assume some intelligence and world knowledge on the reader’s part, but not an overwhelming level. It appeals to an NPR sort of audience, not a Fish 2.O sort. You know Ish has earned her Masters and part of that was Marketing. She may have some input.

  2. Yes, people have to hear from someone else that something is good. I once told my art professor in college that “I knew what I liked”. I remember his response very clearly – “ah yes, you know what you like.” He said that it was probably more correct to say “you like what you know”. Nice way for him to tell an 18 year old to open his mind up to the universe of creativity. I know of no one else (personally) that has your level of creativity and enthusiasm. You’ve broadcasted to the universe, but it takes a bit of time for people to wake up and respond. Keep plugging away Steve, you will find the way.

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