Anita was my very best and first real friend after we moved to Las Vegas from Maryland. She was the shy Japanese girl sitting alone at the bus stop and I was the shy closeted gay boy afraid of everyone at the bus stop!  A perfect match in high school hell if you ask me.

This letter was months into our friendship and obviously she was none to happy about my girlfriend, Barbi. Everybody had a nick name, Nit Nit was Anita and I was P.T. (prick tease) and I haven’t a clue who the anonymous ghost writer on this letter was.


Balloon Fight!

-Seize The Moment-

Doris and Barbara always found ways to keep me entertained behind the camera lens. This set of photos was taken during one of my Aunt Doris’s Vegas vacations.

I had been taking pictures all afternoon and dressing the girls up in wings and wigs when Barbara decided to whack her sister with a pair of red balloons. After a moment of pause, Doris burst into laughter and the balloon fight ensued.

Picture taken on October 15, 2006

——————————————————————————– Live for the moment

The Shed

The shed sits there, filled to the brim with garden stuff…dirty, rusted, bent, metal tools designed specifically to rip nature apart.  The windows are frosted with decades of oily dirt and blocked by handmade shelves falling dangerously to the left.  Containers of pesticides, dried out paint and gasoline decay in perfect harmony.

The groundskeeper has not been here in ages, only the insects and rodents have access now.  One day the shed will split open when the shelves finally fall against the weakened corner and only then will the truth be discovered.  Mr. Greene stored much more than his garden supplies in the metal box behind the lawn mower.

Mrs. Greene’s first-born child will no longer be missing.

The Soul

Cloud-septGood-bye…it’s so permanent when we say it to those who have passed over to another existence. Where does the soul really go? Does it wait for loved ones to join them on the other side before moving on? Move on to where, an unknown resort in an unknown sky?

I can see now why man created religion, it explains the unexplainable and settles the mind. It is reassuring to believe our spirit will live on forever to frolic in the sweet-scented fields of the after-world.

In truth, none of us know for certain what happens in the great beyond. We only know today and the miles of yesterdays we’ve already traveled through. So for now, I will drink my morning coffee, smile at the birds collecting breakfast from the lawn and take comfort in knowing where I am today.

Doris Delmonico

Doris May Delmonico April 8, 1924 – September 2, 2011

I loved you Auntie Doris. I miss you so much and will carry you with me in my heart for the rest of my days. We enjoyed a friendship so special and unique.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, humor and love.

Split Personality

Spliced and diced is the best way to explain these photographs. I cut them into pieces and flipped and turned and twisted until I came up with something interesting. It wasn’t as simple as it sounds because other finishing elements were added, but if I gave away my secrets nobody would be amazed anymore.






4 Day Weekend

October is a good month, not only is the weather damn near perfect in the desert, but my anniversary of meeting Wylde is on 10/11. This year will mark eight happy years and in celebration we’ve decided to spend time wandering around the city looking for interesting things to see and do, no small feat considering we’ve seen and done everything there is to see and do in this city! No worries though, Wylde took Monday and Tuesday off from work giving him a four-day weekend so we’ve got plenty of time to figure something out.