Something Fishy

In reality the ocean frightens me. The mere idea of floating through a dark, murky and vast unknown populated with dangerous creatures is enough to send shivers up my spine, so I created my own ‘friendlier’ version of the deep blue abyss.  Enjoy…


1344987930_Fish out of water

1344987941_only fish

1344987949_Shark Attack

1344987956_Ugly Fish


Something Fishy — 6 Comments

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    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for telling this old gal where to look Steven or that box might have slipped right past me. lol Love the posters!

  3. They are all brilliant, Steven. They are so full of detail and colour, which makes them instantly attractive before the added bonus of any puns in the ‘story’.

    • Thanks Rob. As I was updating this blog, it occurred to me that I had not posted much from this underwater series. I’ve posted them on Facebook before though.

  4. Steve
    These are full of fun & the color is wonderful. i do enjoy all of them but I believe my fav is Reflections of a ugly fish..
    Thank you for sharing them
    BIG HUGS coming your way

    • Reflections Of A Ugly Fish is one of my favorites too. Imagine a mirror that reflects only the inner beauty….of course, it could go the other way if a pretty fish had an ugly personality.

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