The Crazy Train

My world has been invaded by unstable humans. Perhaps the planets have aligned or the moon has changed it’s course and enabled the craziest among us to be seen. Whatever the cause. . .their GPS systems have directed them straight to me and I am fighting back!

It all started a month ago when a friend’s true personality surfaced, setting into motion a barrage of irrational accusations, arguments and emotional consequences. One person after another followed in her footsteps. I reacted by deleting, removing and blocking all traces of them from my online world.

Finally, after much work, the crazies have been removed from my life and I made this video as a warning to all others. Of course, I eventually found humor in the situation and THE CRAZY TRAIN reflects that.


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    • Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jim. When things in life get too weird…make a video.

      I did not understand the relevance of the political video link you posted in connection with my video about deleting facebook friends, so I removed it. However, I do enjoy political opinion and appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog. As the election grows closer…I will post a few rants geared toward politics.

  1. feeling less than
    different than
    the wall flower
    the only child

    the special child
    told by my mommy
    and treated like a queen
    daddy gave me all he could
    he never made more than 8.00 an hour
    in his whole long life

    surprisingly he gave me
    something to hang on to
    in my old age

    the crazies
    the old maids
    the old timers
    they hid behind the curtains
    looked out to see
    who was out there

    they let us in then went to the other room
    talking quietly
    bringing out presents
    oh what joy
    something they always had made by hand
    giving it to me for I was their special little snooks

    I miss my crazies….
    for when I lived in Harper with my little diner
    all the crazies came to my place to eat
    and hang out
    and just be

    I miss my crazies…
    they were my friends

    • These words would make a great visual narration piece. Filmed in moody light with contrasting images. . . gives one something creative to think about. 🙂

      • Do u remember when I sent u a video of a train going by while in my car waiting for my turn? I wonder if u ever used used the sound from that …..
        I have moved and in a very rich community next door I found a Starbucks that a train goes right past the windows. Pretty cool. It is the same train or same tracks btw I thought of u yesterday as I was paying by. Wondering how u are what your working on now etc. I see more from Wilde than u. How is. Gloria and the cockatiel.
        Your next rant could be all the people into metaphysics the shift that’s .moving so very quickly on this plane on this planet. I found a spiritual l church w here all r welcome!!! We have many healers -I am one..I have learned deshaw, the oneness blessing, got to the master level of reiki and have been to lily dale NY and studied to be come a meduim. And of course all has been flying by!!!
        So my friend. Keep in touch – give me things to challenge and ponder. Be well

        • Thank you for stopping by Sue. I’ve been less creative this year than usual so my postings on this site have been a bit sparse. I plan to get back to it sooner than later though. Sometimes my creativity needs to refuel and that can take a long while. Last year’s election sent me into a phase of anxiety that I’ve had trouble coming out of.

  2. I cannot tell you Now how many times since seeing the video that I have used the term “The Crazy Train” Im serious LOL It just fits so many situations and I too now have deleted several crazies off my FB and else where.

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