Turning People Into Art — 7 Comments

    • It’s a mix of real and fantasy as all these images started out as photographs. I’d be lost without my digital tools. I often wonder if artists from the past would be amazed or turned off by our modern techniques for creating art?

      • I wonder would you be lost…you should give it a try…just draw in a free way…expect nothing…see what happens. It’s usually good to challenge your comfort zone in art. Even if you go back to what you ‘ like’ ie find easy…you bring some other experience back into the work…no ?

        • I draw my graphic characters and their surroundings (Eyeronics, fish, etc.) on paper first, then use the digital tools for coloring and smoothing. In many ways the digital tools do the same thing as traditional tools, but at much less of an expense. Forget about painting though, I’ve tried it many times and do not enjoy it at all!

          With art, I am more of a builder than a creator. I prefer to draw singular items and then bring them together like layers of a stage set. There is less permanence to my final images as I can change them around randomly. I just love all the digital tools available in the modern world, the creative possibilities keep me excited about what I do.

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