12 Minutes In Paradise

As most of you know, Red Rock Canyon has been my sanctuary for the past 30+ years and I love to share it. Originally this video was uploaded as a high-speed drive, but a few of you asked for something slower and more relaxed so the scenery could be enjoyed. So, here it is! (a tad bit faster than the actual drive, but considerably slower than the original video)

The music for this video is a product of my film editing program and not exactly my first choice, but I do enjoy smooth jazz and this soundtrack isn’t all that bad for being a preset.    Enjoy the drive. . .


12 Minutes In Paradise — 6 Comments

  1. nice ride – thanks! i couldn’t help but wonder at the beginning though, why didn’t they build a straight er road? the land looks fairly flat at first. too simple?

    • It’s an illusion Sue. The area is very hilly and steep, but can appear flat because the desert terrain blends in with itself. Besides that, it is a scenic route and was built to have the least impact on the land and be visually pleasing.

  2. ….very nice, a beautiful drive….so unlike the terrain I’m used to visiting.
    Sanctuary..that’s a good descriptive word. I have several sanctuaries.
    Yellowstone National Park contains several. In the forty years between my visits there, I found myself thinking, on a reoccurring basis, of certain areas of that great park…places I needed to get back to.
    There’s a two track road, one way, that leads out of Mammoth, in the northern reaches of Yellowstone. That two track leads to the Northern Entrance to the park, and just outside, the little town of Gardiner, Montana. In 1969, in a Volkswagon Camper Van, I took that alternate route into Gardiner many times. It was cool, I loved that route.
    Finally, in 2009, I got back to Yellowstone…now as a 62 year old guy. A lot of the infrastructure of Yellowstone had changed. Oh, the natural beauty of the park was still there, but the man made stuff was now a little slicker…there were more rules and regulation, and many more visitors.
    I found that two track road again, though, and it was still open to the public…one way and closed at night, just like in 1969. As I started up and over the mountain on that narrow road, after forty years, a calmness came over me, and feelings I can’t really describe. I was where I was supposed to be at that particular time. I went up and over on that route three more times on my visit to the park, and each time the feeling was the same.
    I had discovered and rediscovered a sanctuary, although it had taken forty years to realize that I really had something special when I traveled the two track.
    I’m not sure when I’ll get back to Yellowstone, but I do have a couple of other special places to be, places as close as a couple of miles away. I feel lucky to have such places around, and the visits are sweeter the older I get.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I have never been to Yellowstone, but have always dreamed of exploring it. Isn’t it amazing how therapeutic nature can be? No matter the troubles one is haunted by…a moment spent in the midst of great natural beauty can erase them from our minds. Over the years, being thrust into the middle of the Vegas metropolis, had I not had Red Rock Canyon as an escape, I would have lost my mind.

  3. wow what a ride, no rollercoster bumps for which im glad 🙂
    and no wheat fields of which surround me!!!
    Beautiful Steven thanks for the mini vacation makes me wanna jump in my car and go…..altho it would take me hours to drive to scenery ….well maybe not hours, with in a hour and some minutes I could be in the great flint hills of ks, awesome ride in the spring as it greens up…..or another hour and minutes to Coronado Hieghts in the Ks Smokey hills where One can climb to the fort where Coronado explorers once stood looking out over the landscape , the ride is short the scenes are wonderful but probably not even as long as the ride thru your video….as they say, find the beauty in what we have….such as I do….thanks Steven for bringing a part of the beauty of what you have 🙂

    • You are so right about finding beauty in what we have. So often, people forget how to appreciate the things right in front of them. I grew up in Maryland and moved to Vegas at 16…it was then that I realized how vastly different the landscape can be. I love the desert, but can still remember the rolling green hills of the east. Beauty is everywhere…

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