A Fun Discovery

Walking through nature is always uplifting and calm, but when you happen upon an unexpected discovery, such as a labyrinth built on a small plateau, the experience becomes spiritual. Join Gloria and me on our little afternoon hike into Calico Basin. (Near Red Rock Canyon, Nevada) In this video, I combine the audio conversation between us as we walked through the rocky Labyrinth with photo/video footage of the area.

The couple in the last frame of the video were really adorable when they reached the center of the Labyrinth because they stood facing one another and expressed their love. I’m such a romantic.


A Fun Discovery — 5 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to return with Wylde and walk the labyrinth again. Maybe we will be the ones expressing our love in the center next time….unless he trips over the rocks and doesn’t get that far. (I say that because Wylde’s feet have a life of their own. haha)

    • Even with all the talking and the people, we still felt extra relaxed after walking through it. There must be a hidden power floating around it.

  2. There’s one at the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest, CA too. And one in cement at one of the beaches here – Newport maybe? I like them in solitude for meditation and calming but your humor was a fun take on it too. Cool.

    • When we first arrived, there was not a person to be seen in any direction, but the second we entered the Labyrinth a flood of people arrived out of seemingly nowhere…..no chance of anything meditative after that. lol

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