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Gloria and I hiked around a mountain last week as part of our walking-for-fitness-plan. The public trail is in an equestrian park located near West Cheyenne Ave and the 215 freeway, about fifteen miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. The hiking path is four miles in length from start to finish, but there are options to extend the route by following secondary trails that pass through a rough terrain canyon. The numbered yellow dots on the map below match each photograph in the Buckskin Trail Gallery.


I captured 42 seconds of video (filmed at yellow dot #7) and it highlights our slight concern for hiking further than we had originally planned.

However, we did survive the long four mile hike with minimal complaint, except for the last few yards of crossing the never-ending parking lot (yellow dot #17) to reach our vehicles. All things considered, we enjoyed the afternoon and plan to visit this trail again in the future.





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  1. The hardest part of this hike was walking across the rocky trail. In some spots the ground was uneven and difficult to navigate, especially on the steep hills, but once we made it 65% the way through the ground evened out.

    • For those who don’t hike or even walk trails…uneven ground is murder on your feet and ankles. Often, you cause real damage with out really trying! So cudo’s to the two of you Steven for doing this and what a hike it truly is and the pics are beautiful 🙂 I LOVE walking and hiking and I can’t wait until its a little warmer here and the wind chill is non-existant so I can get out there and walk and take pictures again! Thanks for sharing your world with us…with your pictures and stories we see your world through your eyes and the lens of your camera.

      • Thanks Gail. Spring and summer are so amazingly beautiful in your part of the country…it almost seems like it would make living through the long, cold, northeastern winters worth while.

  2. Wow, great shots! No view can rival that which you earn by hard hiking, eh? Great photos – my fave is 13, but there are many gorgeous ones. Thank you for taking us along.

    • You are in luck with photo 13, Liz…that area can been viewed from the parking lot of a small park near the end of the trail, no difficult hiking involved. 🙂

  3. I’m REALLY jealous now! What a wonderful hike, and I appreciate the scenery. If it ever warms up in Maine, I plan on hitting the trails too.

    • My favorite part of the hike was about halfway through when the city could not be seen in the distance. At that moment it felt like we were actually in the wilderness.

    • The strip is close, but after driving through this crazy city (which is like a video game for survival) to reach undeveloped land, it feels like you have driven a hundred stressful miles. Vegas is known to have some of the worst drivers in the country, especially red light runners and tailgaters.

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