Bad Influence

My best friend Gloria and I have a special relationship with Starbucks. Our adventures always begin or end with a hot mocha and fun conversation. On this day we discussed a memory from 27 years ago which lead to a debate over who the BAD influence was back then….her or me.


Bad Influence — 6 Comments

    • Our personalities are most certainly in sync. We laugh about everything and have such an understanding of each other that every moment spent together is warm and fulfilling. Except when she kicked me in the balls, of course!

  1. In my defense I wanted to get some nookie with my boyfriend and you was jealous and didn’t want me to have any fun because you didn’t have anything going on at that moment. Love you…….

    • Life is important, but friends are necessary to enjoy it. Gloria is family now, we met when I was 21yrs old and after all these years, nobody knows me better than her.

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