Balloon Fight!

-Seize The Moment-

Doris and Barbara always found ways to keep me entertained behind the camera lens. This set of photos was taken during one of my Aunt Doris’s Vegas vacations.

I had been taking pictures all afternoon and dressing the girls up in wings and wigs when Barbara decided to whack her sister with a pair of red balloons. After a moment of pause, Doris burst into laughter and the balloon fight ensued.

Picture taken on October 15, 2006

——————————————————————————– Live for the moment


Balloon Fight! — 2 Comments

  1. This is my vision of this: you, Steven, r leaning agsist a wall. Next to a (open) patio type window screen. A smile on your face. Wylde walks up-what’s going on?-you point and say watch those two A smile and then a giggle then you both laugh turning it into a guffaw. Hello ladies as says as he picks up a stray ballon and hits one of them in the head. You run in to make teams and u all play til ladies are tonpooped to pop. Leaving u and Wylde tonply for a dhort while longer. An someone suggests s cold beer.
    And all had fun!!!

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