“A difference of opinion versus a difference of truth. An example of a difference of opinion is when two people don’t like the same color or when one prefers carpet and the other prefers tile. An example of a difference of truth is when one person understands and accepts real facts while the other person distorts the facts to match what they want to believe is real.” – Steven Goth

Cross-200One of society’s most problematic words is BELIEVE. Religious people have used it for thousands of years. They believe that “God’s word” is the foundation from which all thinking should begin and end. Unless God himself said it or his faithful follows scribbled it down on a papaya leaf as being real, the “believers” will not believe it!

Gay people have battled against this word for centuries because the believers insist homosexuality is a choice while the gays insist their sexuality is natural. The believers believe the gays have an agenda to destroy the very fabric of society by advocating for equality while the gays believe the believers have an agenda to destroy society through discrimination, judgment, and hate.

It’s hard to believe that in 2014 many of the world’s societies are still living by senseless religious rules from the ancient past. It’s even harder to believe that citizens of a modern country like America still cling to their self-righteous ideals of religious supremacy.

The good news is the tide is turning against the Christian values which many Americans mistakenly believe is the foundation of American culture. Gays, women, minorities and all others who have been bullied by those Christian values are no longer accepting that “truth” and have been diligently fighting back against it.

The day will come when the true minority in America will be the religious folks and the majority will be the free-thinking, compassionate, accepting, realistic folks who understand the difference between reality and religious fiction and will design the future accordingly.

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  1. I feel very strongly that it will take one more generation before the religious stuff is minor. I already see it. This little town of 2400 people used to have eleven churches (and 11 bars which cracks me up)………It’s down to 4 or 5 churches now.

    • Is it up to fifteen or sixteen bars now? With all that godliness floating around, people would need to drink!

  2. Yeah, I hope so. Women’s rights have taken a HORRIBLE beating in the last few years, voting rights have been badly damaged. Equal rights for gays are spreading but taking it for granted would be a HUGE error! Let’s keep standing up for one another. Togeter we can bring equality to all.

    • If we keep religion out of the government and turn women away from conservative politics, we might stand a chance of making a permanent change to American society.

  3. I read this post yesterday and am seeing to be confused … Fact r facts (in my opinion ) ” real facts” r real. There r no wrong facts or there would be no facts. And if a REAL believer does no believe it then cannot BE a real believer…. I believe I in fact, totally confused.

    • A real fact instead of a made-up fact, Sue. Believers make up facts to match what they want to believe instead of accepting what is real and true. Religious people do it all the time, especially when it comes to homosexuality. The “real” fact is gay people are born that way. A made-up fact is homosexuality is a choice.

      A “real” fact is the earth has been around for a few billion years. A made-up fact from Christian teachings is it’s been around for about 6000 years. A “real” fact is the Bible exists and people believe in it, a “made-up” fact is the Bible is the word of God. There is no proof that God is real, therefore his “words” cannot be a real fact either.

      A “belief” is not a fact, it is an opinion.

    • Not many people have watched the video, Kristine. The title probably turned them away because they think it might hit too close to home. From an artistic point of view, I really love the sepia tone of the visuals and the position of the bright sun as I rode the bicycle toward it.

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