Bi-Polar Fish

This comic strip created quite a stir when it was first posted to social media back in 2009. (Originally it was presented in a video format with voice-over narration.) The big controversy came from a Bi-Polar woman named Jane who believed the content was highly offensive and demanded we remove the video and issue an apology. Of course we refused and that marked our first experience with internet haters. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way since this silly little strip, but due to its significance in teaching us how to survive an Internet beat down, I thought it worthy of having a permanent home on this blog.


FOOTNOTE – Before this comic strip was ever posted to social media, I ran it by my Bi-Polar sister who thought it was truthful and humorous. If anything, this strip is a warning of consequences for Bi-Polar people who do not take the medication prescribed to them by healthcare professionals.


Bi-Polar Fish — 6 Comments

    • Thanks Liz. I suppose I can see why a Bi-Polar person could be offended by this, but it’s not as if I was name calling or discriminating against them. Sometimes the truth shouldn’t be sugarcoated and that’s hard for some to accept.

  1. There are always going to be people that take the world personally, I’m glad you posted this. Jokes are always made about depression drugs, and it’s okay but this isn’t? Screw them all, you can’t put the weight of others on yourself. And,… This is hilarious!!!

    • “Screw them all” is a great motto for surviving on the Internet. lol Over the years I’ve managed to rid my social networking profiles of all the undesirables who thrive on making everyone else miserable. I have a low tolerance now and simply block those who get on my nerves.

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