Bob Nobody

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Every day is the same for Bob Nobody.  At 5:00 he wakes up, 5:20 he pours his first cup of coffee, 5:58 he finishes reading the newspaper, 6:10 he showers, 6:45 he closes the final button on his crisp white dress shirt, 6:50am he grabs his car keys and wallet off the kitchen counter, 7:36 he arrives at his job where he will remain far into the night.

Some say Bob is a lonely man who overworks to hide his pain. Others say Bob is an intelligent man who works hard to ensure a lavish future.  Bob says nothing at all and likes it that way, because buried deep within his soul lies an unknown. Bob’s secretary, Nadine, is hungry for attention, especially from Bob.  She considers herself a Fashionista and parades her sexy outfits in front of him each morning and each morning he never notices.

Bob’s boss, Randolph, is hungry for power and uses Bob’s knowledge as his own to propel himself up the corporate ladder.  Bob knows this and is waiting for the right moment to make his boss look foolish.

What Bob does not share with coworkers is his insatiable appetite for consuming live roaches. He loves the sensation of the insect crawling around inside of his mouth. He traps it beneath his tongue and holds it there until the pain of its little bite becomes uncomfortable, after which, he captures it between his teeth and bites down on it.  The moment of its death is what Bob lives for, because the power of his jaw crushing the roach, send the guts and blood shooting down the back of his throat.

He calls it an insectual orgasm.


Bob Nobody — 8 Comments

  1. Oh. Um. Ick. And damn you Steve; I cannot get the image out of my mind. So I guess you did a good job. Once I get the nasty taste out of my mouth, I may admit that it is good writing. Maybe.

  2. Bob’s exterior is bland, but his mouth is an explosion of flavor. And this story’s ending is an explosion of originality. Excellent, Steven!

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog, Mark. I’m not much of a writer, but it’s been fun coming up with strange little stories about strange people. Somehow, it takes the edge off of reality. 🙂

  3. rotflmao!! bravo – clap clap clap! u are so desciptive and believable!! thanks.have u ever seriously written a story that has been published and not just on here? u should! a good walking in the drizzle of night one.

    • Thanks Sue. I don’t consider myself a writer, let alone a good one, but I have enjoyed making up little stories to go along with my photographs. The twist at the end is always fun to write. I sit back in my chair and think. . .”How can I screw this story up and make these characters really weird?”

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