Ever since early childhood Brandi (with a silent B) had aspirations of becoming a standup comedian. She loved to laugh and wanted desperately to share that joy with everyone in the world because she knew, all too well, what a life void of joy felt like because she started murdering people for no apparent reason on her sixteenth birthday which left her soul aching and riddled with guilt. Laughter was the only remedy to soothe her pain.

It worked for a while as she made her rounds through the comedy circuits eventually landing herself a permanent gig at a resort island off the coast of Mexico. However, the demon deep within her would soon surface again as she discovered in the dark hours of the night how to mix laughter and pain by sneaking into the resort’s guest suites and killing those audience members who did not laugh at her jokes.

Takeaway from this story? Combine all versions of yourself in a way that gives you joy.

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