Cactus Joe’s

Cactus Joe’s is a wonderful little garden shopping experience just outside of Las Vegas. There are 7 acres of pure magic and enough yard ornaments for sale you could create a metropolis right in your own backyard. Their newest addition is the garden Labyrinth, designed for meditation and a great idea for the desert landscape. (We plan to build one in the backyard.)

Also, one adorable rusty metal peacock caught my eye and is now residing in our garden. . . gently rocking back and forth in the breeze. (last photo)

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For more information and directions visit the Cactus Joe’s website


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  1. Steven! I love it. Next time I come to Vegas, I will have to make a point of looking for it. What great stuff. You obviously had a great time there too. Those labyrinths are wonderful; and they really do calm. I’d like to put one in my yard when we move too. Why is the act of following a path so calming? Maybe because it forces the noise out of our heads.
    Thanks for the tour.

    • Yes, please be sure and make a point of visiting Cactus Joe’s! If you need directions, just ask me and I will effortlessly guide you there. I am looking forward to building a maze in the backyard, but collecting all the stones could take some time.

  2. what a fantastic find!!! next time i go to vegas i will go there! adore your peacock!! was he expensive? wish they had 2 – i would ask u to but and ship one to me.
    u should give mom the camera to take a pic of u (in the laberynth) once in awhile.

    • The peacock was $70.oo. They have lots of them ranging in size from small (the one I have is about two feet high) to really large (five feet and about $2,000.oo) and in many different colors. (the tail feathers have some color)

      Next time you visit Vegas it’s a MUST see and only a 20 minute ride from Las Vegas BLVD.

      • ummm….they have more? i have to look at the pic closer – would u send me one if i sent u the money? like 1/2 the size of yours?

        • no 1/2 the size would not have the effect (impact) i want.does i come apart so it would be easy to ship? let me know – i really like one of these.

  3. WOW Steve
    This is a very cool place. I love the photos you took. The tree growing over the store is crazy =) I started taking the camera classes & am not impressed. There was no hands on the camera. Just a slide show & we were asked to take a group pic for next week & I have no idea what I am doing =O And no way to talk to the teacher. He just uses a Nikon while most of the class brought in a Canon & he did know know about the canon. Crazy huh!
    I did send a letter to the school to find out what to do from here..
    BIG HUGS coming your way

    • The tree was crazy…I didn’t think they could grow like that! I use a Nikon too and love it, but the instructor of a photography class should have knowledge on how to use more than one type of camera! I’d ask for my money back if you paid for these classes. BIG HUGS right back at you!

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