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Being stuck on a hot “Desert Island” called Las Vegas can be a creative challenge for me sometimes. It’s not because the city is void of colorful and interesting things, it’s because I’ve lived here too damn long and have seen everything there is to see. Because of that, I oftentimes overlook great photo opportunities, but every now and then I see the world in a new light and manage to capture photos in spite of myself. The lesson is…Don’t miss the sunset because it’s too bright.

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Color & Light — 13 Comments

  1. Love it!!! Especially your words and what you were seeing with your eyes. One thing I like to do is look at the world upside down. Funny that you spot things you never saw standing upright. An art teacher taught me that a long time ago.

    • Turning furniture upside down and repainting it can also create a new styled piece with an entirely new function. Once I made a cocktail bar out of an old entertainment center. I used three over-sized oak corner shelves, flipped upside down and filled with sand, as the bar top. I called it the SAND BAR. I used it for years and it became a great conversation piece.

  2. This is really a fun contrast to the b&w ones from the other day. Steven, you really have a great eye – I love the things you see in the world.

    • Thank you Liz. I’m having fun with the square crop for photographs and have discovered most pictures balance really well within that shape. The exceptions are sweeping panoramic landscapes and tall buildings, of course. A Facebook friend makes square painted tiles and that inspired me to re-work the shape of my photos. Also, when matted and framed, a square print can easily fit on any wall and works well in groupings.

  3. This is going to be fun for you and us 🙂 I really like your vision and creativity…. how you see things. It’s always an amazing thing to see through your eyes.. seriously.

    • Thank you again. I’ve got a few experimental photo ideas brewing in my brain and if I’d get off my lazy butt and start setting things up for a photo shoot, I might get something done. I’ll blame my procrastination on the desert heat….yeah, that’s it.

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