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  1. wow BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    and in the whole scheme of things, the perspective of the rock as the camera backed away it was so small compared to the others….kind of like life, when we are up against a wall…..if we step back the wall isnt so big…. so put some fun into climbing over …stepping around….that rope seems to be the life line ….oh boy, I have had ropes so freyed to one string only to find myself on the cliff looking down, but some how always made it over on to the next rock…sometimes a valley where I could rest for a bit, find some nurishment and on to the next wall to climb …..but finding the fun….mmmm maybe its just the mind set, or the fact I dont see any new experiences to find the fun….right now Im against a wall with NO FUN…..WAWAWA
    This Girl just wants to find THE FUN!!!!

    • I thought the last shot of panning away from the climber was a good way to show perspective. (plus, I was showing off my camera’s zoom power. lol) Red Rock is quite a place, not only is it beautiful but the energy out there is somehow magical. Everybody feels it, the Indians even included it in their tales of sacred places. We are lucky to be living so close, it takes maybe 20 minutes to get there from our house. I have used that area as my safe place for 30 years. No matter the stress in my life, once I drive out there it somehow disappears for awhile.

  2. Yes panning out is GREAT your films are always wonderful!
    of course having great sites, and wonderful people to make movies with helps 🙂

    I have always learned not to say IM BORED because all hell breaks out but
    have you ever been so bored you just wanna cry?

    today is one of those days 🙁


  3. beautiful steven!! i have been there and, yes, magical is a good description of it!!it is very powerful!! yet peaceful and recharging. who is doing the climbing? u? wylde?some stranger? ttys. sue

    • They were strangers. I never climbed cliffs, but I did use to explore those mountains top to bottom. I haven’t really done much of that since I’ve been with Wylde. He’s not really crazy about hiking and climbing and I’ve been too lazy. However, there is a couple of videos from last year where I climbed to the top of a mountain by myself.

    • We are not really that active, but things might change now that Wylde had he little heart scare, which btw, is looking as if it’s nothing to worry about.

      So what is up with all the different names and emails you are using to comment? Can’t make up your mind which one you like the most? lol

  4. it should only have one email????
    name….depends on my mood? wtf knows 😀
    glad My brother is doing good, yes get his ass out there and exercise !!!! hey that makes you my brother inlaw 🙂
    cool beans!! cuz he is my brother from another mother 😀

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