Monsoon season in Las Vegas, Nevada can bring about crazy weather. This mighty little rainstorm crashed into our neighborhood yesterday and left behind a river of muddy water running down the street.

DSC_0008The backyard garden didn’t fare out much better as the rain filled in the pathways and created a collection of islands and lagoons. Of course, the mesquite tree in the island must have felt as if it won a liquid lottery!

DSC_0014DSC_0016DSC_0017DSC_0018The storm only lasted about fifteen minutes, so I had enough time to grab my GoPro and film some of mother nature’s temper tantrum. Watch this video closely and notice two neighbor boys running wildly through the downpour. I might have done the same thing if I wasn’t afraid of being struck by lightning!

(If this video stops and starts, click off the HD feature on the play ↑ bar.)


Drenched — 6 Comments

    • How nice it would be to feel as free (or foolish) as the kids who were running back and forth across the street.

      Our garden flooded completely once before. Both times it’s been late in the evening which made it difficult to take photos. I keep hoping for a daytime flood so I can sail little boats around the garden and make a video.

    • It was unintentional when I built the garden, but the way the path holds water during a storm works perfectly for deep-watering the trees.

  1. I remember loving to be out in the rain. It is invigorating – until you fear lightening. Wow, so much rain plus such powerful wind! Great video Steve.

    • It was an exciting fifteen minutes, Liz. Of course, when one lives in the desert any amount of rain is exciting. Before Vegas built all the flood control basins around the city, a heavy downpour like this one would have been hugely destructive.

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