Fears And Worry

Fears and worry for me is a pendulum between two emotional evils. I worry because I fear death, illness, poverty, loneliness, loss, sadness, pain etc.. I fear because I cannot escape the worry.

Common sense tells me that worries about tomorrow are pointless, but fear doesn’t understand time and is not connected to my common sense. If I am to be honest with myself, only a tiny percentage of my fears actually come true and even then they are nothing as bad as I envisioned them. However, my worries quickly interject with a limitless list of possible doomsday scenarios and then, of course, my fears jump on the bandwagon and the pendulum starts swinging once more.

When I envision a life of happiness and productivity, I soon realize how out of reach that can be, not because I am unable to reach that goal due to the of lack of ability, but because of the crippling result of fears and worry.

I will continue to battle my nasty little demons because life should feel worth the effort and since I’ve come this far playing my cat and mouse game somebody has to win and it’s not going to be the other guy!


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    • Hi Valerie…thanks for visiting my blog. You are right, love is very powerful and most certainly can and will get us through the worst times.

  1. This was so beautifully and painfully said. I say beautifully because you left nothing out about how you actually feel. When you write Steven, it allows the reader to see and feel exactly what you are saying which lends a greater understanding of your pain, heartache and even the joy you are allowed to feel on your good to great days that you have. I have no doubt that you will continue to push forward in your battle against anxiety. Its more crippling than most people can imagine. If they have never encountered anxiety or had a bad attack they can’t really, fully understand your pain. I do Steve and Im so proud of you because you are the winner. you are not going to let anxiety rob you of your life. Keep up the fight because you deserve to win and overcome your demons. Love you Lots and again, Im so proud that you are a fighter and not a quitter!
    Your friend always, Gail

    • Thank you Gail. Yes, having suffered anxiety yourself, I know you can fully understand where I am coming from. The good thing about my fear and worry is it doesn’t last 24/7 so many hours out of the day are free and easy….thank goodness!

  2. Steve ….. It hurts to read that your demons have the tendency to overwhelm you. But realise that it is BECAUSE you are both sensitive and aware that you are capable of knowing they are there at all. But you can change your focal directions and not permit the negatives to have power. Its all in the mindset …. With love and big hugs from Geli xx

    • So true Geli. The positive side to my experience is that I continue to fight my thoughts and am always looking for new ways to overcome. Most of the time my thoughts are steady and quite, but when the demons wake up. . . there is hell to pay! haha

  3. I wrestle with anxiety frequently too Steve. It started when I was 14. I have medications to help and a routine for the times when it literally takes me down. It is encouraging to read here that you not only fight those demons, but can write about them, maybe even clip their wings a little more each time. You have shown that this is survivable, and won’t stop you, or I, or anyone from looking forward to and enjoying the good days and nights. Or from being creative. My god this is a happy, interesting page. The best to you Steve!

  4. Thank you Joella. Anxiety is a real bitch to manage sometimes isn’t it? You are right in that it is survivable and most importantly… people like us continue to find ways that help ease the discomfort rather than giving up. I am so happy you find my blog interesting!

  5. Hi Steve!! I am so excited to see your site! Excellent! I can relate to what you wrote…I look forward to visiting here on a regular basis and will share on FB!

    • Thank you Marge. I have discovered the blog is a wonderful way to release thoughts and share more of my personal life with those who are interested. Fear and worry….doesn’t it just suck the life out of us sometimes? Just goes to show we are all experiencing similar things in life. I will look forward to seeing you around the halls of my blog. (((BIG HUG)))

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