Flying By

The sky around my town is always changing. It’s not from nature, although the occasional rain shower is a welcome sight, the oddities come from jets. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for the erratic flight paths that can be seen from the jet trails they leave behind. One day they fly in from the west, the next day they fly in from the north or east or south or any combination of the four. Sometimes I have to ask myself if they are really jets. After all, I live only 100 miles or so from the infamous area 51.

The trails in this picture from yesterday were exceptionally strange, my guess is the display was military passing over because the four evenly spaced trails abruptly ended. (left side of the palm trees) I watched the sky for an extended period of time, thinking maybe the planes were getting too far away to see the trails in the distance, but another jet followed behind them and it’s trail did not disappear.

 I hear people talk of government conspiracy theories about slowly poisoning us with chemicals sprayed out over major cities…I don’t believe that! What I see in the sky is a crazy display of too many airplanes flying at the same time. Unless, these trails were not from four different jets, but one really gigantic one and I’ve been abducted by aliens and have yet to realize I am not actually writing this blog entry

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