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  1. On it so nice to “Meet” Gloria! And I like whatever I have rigged up so we can see u 2. Still saying roller coaster !! Looks so nice and sunny in Vegas (sigh). Btw in 1990 I moved in with my SO who had a 64 acre horse farm – boarding and training – talk about that extra leg!!!

    • I bet living on that ranch was wonderful, Sue. I love horses. Yes, the weather out here in the desert is unbeatable for nine months out of the year. The only better option for perfect weather would be Southern California, but I don’t like earthquakes and wild fires.

  2. Nice to meet Gloria !! Like whatever u used to record yourselves. Let’s meet Wilde also. I know all about those fifth legs living with SO on horse farm-amazing.

  3. We just came back from our walk to see you on yours. We had on fleeces, coats and boots, but it was fine otherwise.
    I’m sure it’s an age thing, but we saw a bunch of teenage boys playing football, and they were wearing T-shirts! It is not freezing yet, but the wind makes it feel like it is!

    • Cold weather would keep me depressed. I am so used to mild temperatures and sunshine (with the exception of the hot summer months) that anything below 60degrees makes me shiver.

      I suppose we are destined to remain in our own part of the world, Rob. You’d melt in the desert and I’d freeze in the UK.

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