From Here To There

1318374700_CoverThe road. . . so very important in today’s hectic, hurry-up world.  We need roads to navigate our busy, curious and social lives.  We need roads to transport life saving medicines, to deliver life-sustaining food and water,  to do just about everything a modern society needs to do.

The road is mostly unavoidable, even in rural undeveloped places you will find a road, made of dirt perhaps, but a road never-the-less.  With that being said, this little photo collection is about the roads I travel on around Las Vegas, Nevada.  Every road has its own unique personality, some friendlier than others. . . so, fasten your seat belt!

1318374692_red rock 1318374680_Intersection 1318374651_Strip 1318374561_airport1318374549_off ramp 1318374524_overlook 1318374508_Truck 1318374473_city view 1318374463_rain1318374438_Park 1318374423_freeway 1318374412_Desert

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