Garden Of The Night — 5 Comments

  1. We recently have been a victim of the root man because he planted a Palo Verde tree in our back yard that will NOT die. We cut it down to a stump and then covered it with aluminum foil and duck tape to cut out all light…six months later I peaked at the trunk and it’s still as green as the day we chopped it down.

  2. The root man looks quite sexy. Can we have our wickjed way with him first, before we toss him off…I mean out of the garden?!

    Seriously, you *could* drill holes in the trunk, and fill ithem with high nitrogen fertiliser. You then water the base thoroughly and cover with a tarp to keep the moisture in while it rots.
    Downside to this is that you have to rely on nature to kill it off, and I’m guessing rotting is not easy in a desert area.
    What I did to remover a stump was to high-pressure hose the base so much that the soil moves away from the roots. Once the large ‘fingery’ roots are exposed, handsaw them through. Once they are all cut through and there’s nothing to hold the stump in place, with enough water and a rocking motion, it will eventually shift and you can rock it out of its hole. Take the stump to your local recycling center, and fill the hole. It is unlikely that the bits of root will start a new tree. You can just leave them underground and plant over them.

    • The root man would enjoy being tossed off, but it’s still a bit cold in the garden…maybe he could be distracted in the spring?

      As for the Palo Verda, we are limited in ways to kill the tree because we have a new Mesquite tree planted very close to it and cannot take the chance of chemicals leaching into the root system of the new tree. We have used the stump of the Palo as a garden table by placing a large flat stone on top of it, so I might have to keep it wrapped in foil for the next year. Eventually that bitch will die…right? haha

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