My new life as a married go-get-her. I’ve stayed busy since my 85yr old mother retired and moved to our neighborhood. My once slow-paced daily routine with my new husband, Wylde, has been replaced by regular trips to the doctor, casinos, shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and beauty salons.

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  1. Bro, despite all the frustrations you have with your Momma, your still a great son to her. Not many grown children have the time or the patience to even talk to their parents much less do anything much for them….often times their idea of “doing” is all lip service, and nothing else. Empty promises and not much to show for their actions. You on the other hand, whether you know this or not, are a true blessing to your Momma. She’s the one that depends on you to come through for her <3 Keep up the GREAT work <3 She loves you and I can tell you love her too!!! <3

    • My mother has always been there for me and I wouldn’t dream of abandoning her during her greatest time of need. Luckily, she is still very independent, with the exception of not driving anymore, and her health is basically good.

      The demand on my time is a bit trying at times, but I always remember how short life is and appreciate that she is still here bossing me around all the time. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting on my blog, Lyndee. This website is my special creative place and it means a lot to have you as part of it now.

      • Awe how touching is that!!!! Thank you (((((bro))))) for saying this to me. I love you even though we never met. Your a wonderful caring son, you treat your Momma with kindness and respect and your a wonderful friend to everyone!!!! Congratulations again for getting married!!! I hope you and Wylde are happy with each other till the end of time.

  2. Hi Steven, I love your online presence. Thank you for sharing your talent. Your mom sounds a lot like mine. Although mine is gone now for about 10 years, she was that same maddening mix of high maintenance and independence. She had her standards and if her hair didn’t look good, she didn’t want to even go out. In her last year, I would pick up my infant grandson for the day and then take her to her hair appointment. That way we all got to spend time together. At the end of her life, she shared her deepest, darkest secret with me: She had kinky hair! Only her hairdresser knew for sure. 🙂 She was a redhead who had always been praised for her beautiful hair in her youth and then gradually turned to a apricot-pink-haired old lady. But we kept her kinky secret. Your mom sounds like a treasure and I’m sure when she makes some new friends her own age, you will not be so much in demand as you are now. Lucky you!

    • A maddening mix of high maintenance and independence is a perfect description, Janice. Unfortunately, my mom never has been one to make friends easily. She considers Wylde and I her best friends and that warms my heart. I love my mom and am thankful she has always given me so much undying love. Isn’t that what life is all about?

  3. how I wish I was in your shoes… But I know how hard it can be at times. I just love you and wylde. you are awesome friends and I’m proud of you for doing what you do. it is exactly how it should be. I wish others in the world did what you do.. thing is…just by doing what you do, you make the world a better place

    • Thank you, Ish. However, my mother is a Sagittarius and we are a little bit afraid of her. She’s been controlling everybody since 1929! haha

  4. Hahaha! She’s FUSSY! Yeah, it’s turning into a lot more than you anticipated. You may have to put some boundaries up in order to have time for the stuff you need to do at home. But yeah, you are so lucky to have her and it’s awesome that you appreciate her. Let’s hope she makes new friends in her new place!

  5. Today family and friends gather to celebrate the life of my mother, who died two weeks ago at the age of eighty-seven.

    The inconveniences of carting her around are not very important any longer.

    Take the high road while accompanying your mother through her golden years.

    There’s no do-overs once she’s passed.

    • We recently purchased a transport chair for my mom so we could take her places she otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy because her ability to walk long distances is limited now due to her age.

      She absolutely loves it and I enjoy wheeling her around the hilly parks she has never visited. On a recent trip, I threatened to roll her into the pond if she didn’t stop bossing me around….of course, she never went into the pond and she never stopped bossing me. lol

      I do appreciate all the time we are able to spend together since she retire four months ago. I want to ensure my mom is as happy as she can be. Life is short no matter how long we live.

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