I Can’t Get It Up!

Not much going on today with making progress in my step towards health. I ate tacos for lunch and spent much more time pacing around my kitchen than accomplishing. However, I did manage to take my vitamins for the 10th day in a row and found time to squeeze out another video. I suppose in the grand scheme of my life, I could consider this boring day an accomplishment.

I’d also like to take a quick moment to thank you for watching and visiting my blog. My life isn’t exciting and to know others are willing to set aside a few moments to listen to me ramble or write some crazy thing or the other… means so very much.


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    • I do the same thing, Darren. I love the car air conditioning…it’s the one place in which we can create the most perfect temperature.

    • We have been extra lucky this year in the desert. The temps have been so unbelievably mellow…it’s almost been like a 5 month spring. However, come late January and February it can get pretty damn cold here…and windy! It is still better than snow and ice though. I shouldn’t be so snarky about my good weather, but I just cannot help myself! haha

  1. I haven’t felt relaxed for some time… I am doing so many doubles…. I think I am on 16 days of doubles… so no relaxation for me for a while… love ya steve

    • We are on opposite ends of the spectrum, Ang. You are working to much and I am not working at all. Each has it’s down side. For me, all the free time has made me feel a bit alienated from the rest of the world and has played havoc on my self esteem.

  2. I really understand it. REALLY. It just happens to me sometime. I always feel like there is something I have to do. But there never is. As for the garage door…mechanic stuff..ARRGGHH!

    • Life is so strange…we are all different, yet feel the same emotions. In reality, I should consider myself extremely fortunate to have the life I have (I do appreciate it) yet my mind, at times, feels restless.

  3. Hi Steve…

    You look very healthy to me… I guess it is a matter of perspective… from my perspective you are a very healthy man…. when it comes to health mine has gone down hill fast in the past few years… my world is getting smaller and smaller… and my abilities are getting less and less…so it is a matter of perspective…. I am thankful that I still have the ability to walk and that is waning fast…. but life is still great… I am alive and I can still take pictures, I rely on my hubby to take me out to do so but I can still do it…. I am refocusing my abilities and I am setting up my sewing room to start to quilt again…. and have that as a creative outlet…

    Yes health, like everything else is a matter of perspective… and from my perspective…you are a good looking, healthy man, with a good life, a partner who loves you, and a mom who is still alive and in your life… you have a beautiful house and a creative mind and the ability to make others laugh…. your friends are here for you and one day your love for yourself will come back and life will look good again from your perspective….

    Have a wonderful day…and don’t sweat the small stuff…and my dear it is all small stuff in the big picture of life….

    Have a wonderful day….


    • Perspective is so different through each persons eyes…you are so right. Thanks for the compliment and in the bigger picture I am healthy in comparison to some, but I am noticing changes and my goal is to prevent something from going wrong too soon. Realistically, that is all any of us can do, because if the body wants to fall apart….it’s going to fall apart.

      Surprisingly, the garage door breaking, generated zero stress for me. The old Steve (a month ago. lol) would have obsessed over it, worried over the repair cost and not relaxed until it was fixed. The new Steve said….”well, at least it’s winter and the sun wont bake the paint off my car and I don’t have to bother manually raising that damn door anymore!”

  4. I hope that over time you find the solace that you need. I suffer anxious “bouts” too, but mine is self-induced because I always want to do and/or somehow BE better (at work, home, just it life), but day by day, I’m learning to do my best to do and be better than I was before.

    And late forties isn’t “older”. It’s “more distuinguished” 🙂 Hope the garage door gets fixed soon!

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog, Eric. I’m starting to believe that anxiety is a normal part of the human condition, some have more than others perhaps. I too create more self-induced anxiety than is necessary….that’s what I am working on.

      The garage door is a real pain, but only because it’s an inconvenience to plan the installation of a new one….well, that and the cost. However, I am lucky to have a garage door to replace…many don’t even have cars!

  5. what happened to the already broken door to make it not open all of the sudden? i have found hammers fix alot of stuff!
    to janice – i too have a dibilitating disease, and like u i pish onwards! don’t eer give up hope!! <3

    • The door was first closed down on a car bumper and bent it, so I had to open and close it manually. Recently, the string mechanism at the top finally snapped preventing the door from opening at all. It will cost about a grand to have it replaced.

  6. Steven, however “mundane” the subject, good writing is always a treat to read. I look forward to your blog, and your unique points of view!

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