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Far north blogThe story – In a land far away lived the secret society of the Nautical Goths. Once powerful and vast they controlled all of the land in the northern hemisphere…until that terrible day when the evil of the Far North sunk their fleet of powerful ships and exiled them to spend eternity hidden beneath the sea. Held captive by sharks and imprisoned by ice the quest for freedom began.


My Imagination — 12 Comments

    • Thank you Cindy. I wouldn’t call it being blessed though, it’s more like being extra aware of shapes and ideas.

  1. Very well expressed Steven…it was because of your watery pics …I chose the watery pic of you on my TL. K

    • I love the ocean….from land! Ha. Strangely enough, I have a fear of deep, natural water. I’d probably have a panic attack if I had to swim though it.

  2. I always love your work, Steven. I can identify with the spare time doodles too. I enjoyed art at school but never took it seriously. In fact I dropped out of Art when they started doing Technical Drawing. I liked colour and shapes – I didn’t want to measure and draw straight lines in an office block.
    I started drawing portraits in my bedroom as a young teen just as a challenge to myself initially. I wanted to see if I could draw a ‘personality’ and make them recognisable to others. If it worked, I got a kick out of it and did more. (To be honest, I probably threw away as many as I kept!)

    • We are on opposite ends of the creative process as I really enjoy all the technical stuff and feel lost when it comes to mixing colors. Your paintings and drawings are really appealing, Rob. I am a big fan of landscapes and buildings and many of your paintings capture both beautifully. Of course, your portrait drawings are amazing too. I was happy to see you offering prints for sale on Society6. Have you had any success?

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