Little mementos mean so much more as the years and decades pass by. I met Jamie shortly after graduating High School and we hit it off instantly. I was fascinated by her English accent, which was as fake as George Michael’s straightness, but her hilarious sense of humor and warm personality kept me coming back for more.


The 1980’s were great years because we were new adults and still believed our dreams would come true. Life is exciting when every experience is a new one and Jamie and I certainly shared a few.

Like the time we drove up to Mt. Charleston at 1:00am and got scared by a drunk, bruised and bloody guy running out of the forest seeking help because he rolled his car off the road. Or the time Jamie left me for dead in the hallway of my house because we drank a bottle of tequila so fast I got sick and passed out. But mostly, the late night hours we spent sitting in my car, smoking pot, listening to music and talking were some of the finest hours of my youth.

Jamie is part of my spirit and no matter the distance or time between us, we always seem to pick up where we left off, making new memories and having new conversations that always leave me better than I was before (with the exception of the tequila incident.)

To sum up our friendship, it all comes back to this story; Once upon a time, on a sunny 1980’s afternoon while out driving around town, we stopped at a street light and a car pulled up beside us. The male driver rolled down his window and motioned to get Jamie’s attention. When she looked over at him he said, “Baby, you is QUALIFIED to get in this car!”


Jamie — 7 Comments

    • United Coin seems like a lifetime ago, yet I can remember sitting in that tiny little vault counting silver dollars like it was yesterday. Can you believe we used to chain smoke in that room? Gosh, it must have looked like the place was on fire with all our smoke drifting out into the hallway. haha Times sure have changed.

    • She lives in another state now, but we talk on the phone. She’s coming to Vegas for a visit at the end of February and I’m looking forward to seeing her. She doesn’t know it yet, but I plan to have my GoPro attached to my body the whole time.

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