Jean (1980)

Way back in 1980, long before Twitter and Facebook and Email, there was something called a letter. It was a handwritten message sent across the miles in an envelope addressed to the actual home of the recipient. In this paper package you could also find a real photograph slipped in between a neatly folded piece of decorative stationary that would contain a message, penned in ink or pencil, especially for you. This is one such historic document.

Jean's letter - 1980

What I found most interesting about this letter, aside from the sweet memory of being so young, was Jean’s mention of the famous MGM Grand Hotel fire of 1980 in Las Vegas. I remember that chilly November morning well because I was walking to school through an open patch of desert and could see the smoke and flames clearly in the distance. What a tragic start to that day. You can read more about the fire HERE.


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  1. I must admit, the MGM Grand fire had slipped into the dimmer recesses of my memory. I lived far away from Las Vegas in 1980, and I was pretty self absorbed back in those days. Some folks may say that I’m still pretty self absorbed.

    Maybe its because I took a journalism class way back in the ninth grade, and have had an interest in back stories, sidebar stories, and a general desire to dig deeper, or maybe its because I worked doing research in the title insurance business for many years, but I’m always digging for a little more information. This post left me with several questions.

    Who was Jean Selby? Relative? Friend? Pen Pal? Did you keep in touch with her? Where is she now?

    Who was Janet? Did she marry early? Is she still married? Was she related to Jean?

    Perhaps these questions need not, or should not, be answered here. That’s OK. This is just where my mind took me after reading your post.


    G C Stir Young

    • Jean and Janet are sisters. We met while attending junior high school in Maryland. I moved to Las Vegas in 1979 and they moved to Phoenix AZ decades later. We are all still friends. Janet is happily married, but not to her childhood fiance. Jean and I go way back with our friendship as we were part of the “unpopular” crowd. I was bullied for being gay and she had a reputation, none of which were true….well, I am gay, but she didn’t deserve the reputation.

      Lifetime friendships are valuable assets in life and for that reason I am a very rich man.

      • Yeah, I’m quite wealthy myself, in the friend department. One nice thing about getting old… gets to have old friends!

      • You are still my Oldest friend despite only being a year older. I’m. Coming to Vegas in March w/ rose, peggy, & april. Maybe we could get together for lunch or something. Would love to see you & wylde.

        • I’d like to see you too. Just know that I have a GoPro strapped to my body at all times these days, so a film shoot is inevitable. Better practice your movie voice.

          • Will start now. Have been a bit husky for the last week or so since I developed a severe upper respiratory infection. Gives me kind of a Kathleen Turner sound.

  2. What a blast from the past, Steve. Interesting because I was just reading a story from a young stand up comedian about how he hung out with Rodney Dangerfield back in the day and on Easter weekend 1980 he walked from the Aladdin to the MGM with him and they went behind the building to piss. He mentioned that back in those days the “Aladdin was next door to the MGM” and I was wondering what happened. Now I know…..thanks for clearing that up for us Steve..

    • So many hotels have been demolished and rebuilt over the last 34 years it would be hard to remember where any of them were located. Hell, as much as we partied in the 80’s it was hard to remember where they were back then, especially at 4am.

  3. You were my first French Kiss, Steve so maybe you deserved Jean’s reputation? 🙂
    It was always fun to hang out with you…..

    • I probably did deserve some kind of reputation back then and depending on which friend you ask….the reason I deserved a reputation might change.

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