Jenyfer (1978)

Jenyfer…She was blonde and pretty, that’s about all I remember of this girl. We dated or should say, we corresponded through notes in class and telephone calls in the evening during my sophomore year in high school.

If memory serves me right, she lived in a neighborhood a few miles from me, so we never spent time together outside of school. Her penmanship was pretty, but damn near impossible to read! That’s probably why we broke up, I never knew what crazy shit she was writing to me! Ha!

In this letter, Jenyfer was asking me if our friend Carolyn could get out of the house so the three of us could party somewhere. The threesome probably never happened, but I do remember Carolyn sneaking out of the house on many nights to meet me in my neighborhood where we would drink wine or beer. (Illegally purchased by hanging out in front of the store and asking strangers to buy it for us.)

Unfortunately, I never gave a thought to her driving drunk…thank goodness she made it home safely every time. Youth and wisdom never go hand in hand!


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    • I’m such a sentimental guy, Gail, I keep everything. I have boxes of old cards, letters, love notes and even a few “Dear John” good-byes. The only time I threw anything away was after the relationship with my first ex ended…I tossed anything he ever gave to me and never looked back.

  1. Steve, I used to be sentimental. Finally, I threw a lot of letters away. I hope that Jenyfer learned her liquor lessons, and isn’t driving drunk anymore.

    • Not sure about Jenyfer, but it was Carolyn who did most of the drunk driving. We remained friends until our mid-thirties(Carolyn and me) and she turned out to be an occasional drinker who graduated college and became very responsible in life.

  2. Steve, per your comment, I changed the “f word.” Again, I appreciate your point. It’s always good to become more sensitive. I don’t want to inadvertently offend, members of my “tribe.”

    • It was very gracious of you to change the word. I am extra sensitive to it, but also understand that it can be used without malicious intent. Feel free to remove my comment from your post, or the part about the F word, as it no longer really applies to anything.

  3. I also went through my entire site (did a search), and changed it. Fortunately, I only used it four times. I appreciate the gracious way that you mentioned it, too.

  4. I tried to read the note above and wow…after several minutes I actually started to feel “drunk”! A handwriting analyst would likely loose his/her mind on THIS one!! LOL! I absolutely LOVE your ending comment above, “Youth and Wisdom never go hand in hand”. How true! Someone once told me that they thought we all should be born “old” and grow “younger”. That is an interesting thought, except for the ultimate pain that our mothers would endure during the birthing process! Yikes!

    • Yes, feeling drunk from her handwriting is a great analogy! I remember changing my handwriting style and signature many times during my High School years….it must have had something to do with finding a creative identity. Now, all these years later, I don’t care what my handwriting looks like as we write most things on a keyboard anyway.

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