Kitten Surprise

Imagine my surprise at finding a cat giving birth behind our washing machine yesterday. It was the last thing I ever would have expected, but as the universe often does, it lead this animal to our house where it was warm and safe. The weather had taken a turn for the worst and had she not managed to sneak into our garage when she did, the babies may not have survived the cold of the night.

We did the best we could by providing a soft bed, food and water. Three kittens survived and two died during birth. This morning I gathered up the new family and gave them to our neighborhood vet where they will be cared for and adopted out. Thank goodness for this veterinarian, because their policy is to never turn away a stray animal.

Now to rant – I find the owner of this cat to be appalling, selfish and completely irresponsible. I believe very strongly in having your pet spayed or nurtured and feel that no animal, cat or dog, should ever be allowed to roam freely around its neighborhood. If you own a pet, TAKE CARE OF IT YOURSELF! It is not the responsibility of your neighbors to pet sit your escaped animal! I have owned several dogs and one cat and NOT ONCE have any of them escaped. There is no excuse to justify a runaway animal…build a fence, don’t allow them to be outside without you or just don’t own one!

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Kitten Surprise — 12 Comments

  1. The mother and her babies are just precious. I totally agree with you and I hope they will be adopted by a loving human who cares.

    • I hope so too Mary! It’s all too common in this society to treat animals as if they don’t really matter. If one of our pets got loose, I’d be tearing up the neighborhood, knocking on every door, until we found them. Chances are good the owner of this cat doesn’t even know it’s missing or doesn’t care. Sad…

  2. Oh Steve, you are SO right. It’s appalling how thoughtless people are about animals. I would love for this video to go viral!

    • We have taken so many stray animals from this neighborhood to that vet. . . it’s hard to count them all! I will never understand how a person can treat a pet so carelessly.

  3. Steven, you did the right thing! Im so sorry you had to deal with the dead kittens cause its a sad thing but im also glad ya let her deliver and you made provisions for her and then took her to the vet. The mother cat is actually a beautiful animal. Im not crazy about cats cause they scare me (Yes, I said scare me). Only cause im afraid of getting scratched and getting cat scratch fever or worse yet because im diabetic get an infection? No thanks LOL

    yES, there is “Catch Scratch Fever.”
    Cat scratch disease is an infection caused by bacteria known as Bartonella henselae. Although about 40% of cats carry the bacteria in their saliva at some point in their lives, cats that carry Bartonella henselae do not themselves show any signs of illness. Most people contract the disease after being scratched or bitten by a cat.

    So as far as Im concerned…YOU taking care of a stray cat was BRAVE!

    • The mother cat was very friendly Gail… by the morning, all she wanted was to be loved on. (and of course food) I don’t trust cats either, so I watched this one from a distance before I attempted to touch her, but her reaction to me being around seemed wanted. All turned out OK in the end and I have since blocked the ventilation window she crawled through.

  4. Uncle Steve, cant agree more- Jim and I took in our last cat, Sansa when we found her in the house we were moving into- abandoned by the previous renter AND pregnant. She had seven kittens- all survived- I found a home for all seven and our “bug” as we call her now is now a happy addition to our family. It works out sometimes, however, people such as yourselves and Wilde and me and Jim can’t necessarily continue to take in stray animals everytime some idiot decides to abandon them.

    • We have rescued so many stray dogs from this neighborhood it’s ridiculous! We are very lucky to have such a good vet right up the street who is willing to take them all in…no questions asked.

  5. On behalf of animal friends everywhere, thank you so much for caring as you have! Cats make the best mothers, but they cannot go get jobs and provide good homes for their young. It is up to us, their human friends, to do that for them. And the first thing any of us have to do, aside from taking them for the physical and shots, is to have them spayed or neutered. I think you made that point extremely well Steven, but I just had to speak my piece too. I get all vershnitzel when I see something like this. I’m ecstatic this poor mother found your garage, had her kittens in peace and safety, and now they have a better than average chance of being adopted. Thank you for putting this out here.

    • The cat was lucky to find our ventilation window to crawl through because the weather dropped to near freezing during the night and those kittens could not have survived. I’m glad the vet took them in the next day, otherwise I would have become attached.

  6. Good Job my friend. You know my house is comprised of 4 strays & Janet has Sol, as I couldn’t accept the financial responsibility for another. Bless your Vet for being supportive and not like so many that send you away.

  7. WOW. Unbelievable. How could anyone turn away a pregnant pet? How could they be so irresponsible that they let her get pregnant in the first place? How STUPID are people, anyway?!?! I’m sorry; this struck a nerve in me. Those type people should not be allowed to breed, themselves!! But those are the types who do…

    I rescued a cat who had been abandoned by his owners. (Funny that we use that word, owners. We don’t “own” anyone; we are caregivers/caretakers. Anyway…) My cat is so precious to my heart and I’m glad we found each other! It will be hard when he passes, but I will get another one, and another when that one goes (unless I go first).

    For you who are afraid of cats – don’t fear; respect. They are living beings and can provide so much love (not to mention a warm lap in cold weather and nice massages!) – as long as they don’t feel threatened. I once had a finger bitten almost off by a cat, but I do not fear them. (I also have a permanent scar on my face from a dog bite when I was a young girl.) Animals are no different than we; we all react basically the same way – to affection, abuse, etc. (I’ve been abused by many humans – but I don’t fear them, either.)

    Anyway, sorry for the rabbit trail. Steve, you are an amazing soul. You have such a big heart! I hope the mama and her babies are happy and healthy and I hope your message gets heard loudly and clearly by everyone! (Too bad you can’t post videos like you can posters, or we could plaster every neighborhood with this.)

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