A Boy’s Letter

I gave this letter to my mother when I was just a boy, complete with a hand-drawn bouquet of flowers to express my undying love for her. I enjoyed reading this letter because it gave a glimpse into my overly dramatic emotions and into my mother’s “gambling” habits. Haha


My reference to puppets is because I collected marionettes, which I loved more than anything else. I spent all of my spare time creating plays and building stage sets for the puppet shows I would put on for my family. At one point in my early teenage years I actually landed a job performing puppet shows….but I will leave that story for another day.


A Boy’s Letter — 6 Comments

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! I love it Steve!!! How young were you? I see the artistic AND dramatic sides of you in this. How precious. Does she remember this letter?…….”Your the most nicest mother I’ve ever known ever since I’ve lived”………..Adorable…..just adorable!

    • I have no idea how old I was when this letter was written. I found it in the box with my Christening outfit, so it must have been an important keepsake to my mother. I will ask her about it this weekend, maybe she remembers how old I was.

    • Thanks Liz. I have no memory of drawing those flowers, but I definitely remember the emotion behind the letter as I have felt the same all my life.

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