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Think about this for a minute. The common view of humans on earth is to believe life is eternal. When our bodies die we become souls and move on to something new. A rebirth. A second chance. A greater existence in some unseen way. What if none of that is true and when our bodies die so does our soul?

For many that might be a difficult question to answer truthfully because religion, in all of its different forms, has outlined strict moral guidelines for society to follow and believe or suffer the consequence of eternal damnation. In some religions just having a sinful thought can be enough to banish one into the dark abyss of space forever. Religion also has led humans to believe they are bigger than life and earth was created specifically for them. A resting place to learn and grow before the soul travels on to spend eternity in the greatest of places where we all meet again.

What if there is no heavenly rebirth or eternal damnation? What if we do not meet our loved ones ever again? What if earth is already the greatest of places and humans are nothing more than an accidental blip in space and time, destined to never know we were here in the first place?

What then?


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  1. Then nothing. You live. You love. You laugh. You cry. Then you die and if you are cremated or buried naturally, your body enriches the soil, enhancing life for those who follow – just as those who came before us did for us. Seems good to me.

  2. I can’t think of anything worse than being a disembodied spirit, floating about for eternity! The whole point of the human experience is the same as for any other living thing on this planet – we are born, we live as best we can, and we die. Heaven was invented as some kind of reward for the religious. A meaningless insurance policy – do as we say and you’ll live forever! Except you won’t. But you can’t come back and complain because you will no longer exist. We are the ultimate recycle bins – just bags of water, bones and gunk. But like the planet we live on, we are finite.

  3. For me, religion is not political or organizational. It is personal and variable. It is my search for meaning in my life. My search is not the same as yours. Or maybe it is, but that should not be a threat in any way to either of us. I know of others who believe that this life is all there is and we need to grab everything now before it is too late. I have not met a single person who believes this and is really happy.

    • I believe this and can say my life has been unquestionably happier than not. Any unhappiness or anxiety in my life does not come from my lack of belief in an afterlife or a God. Actually, many of the most painful moments in my life were a result of those who do believe in religion or a God.

      Believing we will never meet our loved ones again is scary and sad, but it also gives me more reason to appreciate every moment we share together. Humankind is a bit full of itself, which is why it is unfathomable for people to believe we don’t live on forever.

      I do agree with you that either belief should not be a threat in any way to the other. From an atheist point of view it can go one of two ways, we die and never know we lived or we die and become happily surprised there is more to come. Life should be about the here and now. All too often people waste their entire lives waiting for what happens after they die.

  4. What then?, you ask. Well, golly…ANARCHY! Pure, absolute OMNI anarchy. No life after death would surely be no heaven or hell. No heaven or hell implies no good or bad. No good or bad would be born from no right or wrong. No right or wrong says no compassion or cruelty. No compassion or cruelty means no positive or negative. No this or that. No balance. No purpose. No humanity. NO DOUBT…ANARCHY!!!!!

    • So what are you saying Anita? Those who believe in an afterlife and God are basically horrible people that cannot control themselves without the threat of eternal damnation? How do you explain the Scandinavian countries that have high percentages of nonbelievers? Those countries are way ahead of ours in overall quality of life.

      Anarchy? Think about what you are saying. Without religion we wouldn’t have extremists killing people in the name of God. We wouldn’t have discrimination against the LGBT community or others in the name of God. We probably wouldn’t be overpopulating our world. We wouldn’t be denying science. We wouldn’t have near the amount of hate in the name of God. I could on and on….

      When was the last time you read about a group of atheists wreaking havoc on society? Atheists live peacefully because they recognize how valuable and fleeting life actually is, not because they are threatened to.

      Perhaps the purpose of life is nothing more than life itself.

  5. Whoa man! CALM DOWN! Mmmellow…you okay?I’m not saying anything. I thought it was just an exercise in imagination, not opinion. Does God have to exist for there to be a heaven? What if death is just life in another dimension? I have no clue – it’s too many questions and not one answer.
    I CAN say there’s SOMETHING. I FELT it and smelled it and someone else saw it. I don’t know WHAT it was, but it was REAL. It vanished into thin air. But it WAS REAL. Honestly, I don’t believe in heaven & hell. I find the concept to be far too judgemental. I believe in POSITIVES and NEGATIVES – energies here on earth that WE create, such as Karma. But after death, I don’t know. I’ll find out when I get there.

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