People enjoy their ability to think for themselves, to analyze and navigate through complicated equations and prevail over the impossible. They pride themselves on harnessing adversity and transforming it into prosperity. 

Humans are a curious bunch, two-sided like the front and back of right and wrong, friendly and charming when they need something and cold and uninterested when they have everything. One of something isn’t always enough for them either, so the intelligent ones built a metropolis that promises a chance for two of anything.

A metropolis that will seduce visitors into giving away their money, a town that keeps people from their rational mind, a neon village, designed to mesmerize and fool the most responsible among them. A destination, an unexplainable vortex that somehow releases the mind from cohesive reasoning and guides the body into a world of self-indulgence, greed and shameful intoxication.

A world where the rich become the poor and the poor become the rich, a playground where one side of the street is Italy and the other is the Orient, a paradise that romances the senses with a thousand sensations, dazzles the eyes with a million lights and promises the hopeful a billion chances.

Las Vegas, a sparkling resort in the middle of nowhere that valet parks your soul when you arrive and never returns it.


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  1. damn your good!!! u should be a famous, wise, author! is this all u or did u major in emglish or the arts or what? this shoupd be more than a blog – it should be a book of stories for all to read!

    • Thank you Sue. I hated English class and I don’t really like to read. . . Why these stories are coming into my mind is a total mystery to me.

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