My Little Battered Boat

blues-coverI must be having summertime blues because for the past week or so I’ve felt out-of-sorts with myself and the rest of the world. It might be the pending heat and her inability to make outdoor activities possible for the next three months that’s got me wallowing in this “lost at sea” mood.

Do you ever feel you are the on the outside looking in? I’ve always felt that way, but it’s never been about wishing I was living another person’s life, it’s more about never feeling like I truly fit in with the life I have. That hardly even makes sense to me, but somehow my brain has worked it out and I’ve managed to feel mostly content and happy in spite of it.

Moods are like water, splashing all over the place on windy days and still as glass on calm days, so I will continue to drift through the hot blazing sea of summer and patiently look forward to docking my little battered boat somewhere in October. In the meantime I will keep my life vest within reach and wear plenty of sunscreen.


My Little Battered Boat — 5 Comments

  1. I think you need a trip to the beach. Or at least the mountains near you. For me, it’s critical to get out of town every month or so in the summer. We live in a very densly populated area and the noise gets to me. Last month it was a trip to san clemente for 3 days. This month will be a 3 day camping trip in the mountains. It’s remarkable how that helps.In winter, we can shut the windows part of each day and that works fine. I hope you find a solution that works for you and am glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Living in Vegas is like living on a small island. Twenty miles in any direction and you are in the middle of nothing. It’s hard to go on day trips because anywhere worth visiting is hundreds of miles away. However, we are going up the mountain on Monday to explore the the new Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway. I’m excited about the photo opportunities along with a revived sense of inspiration new places give me.

      Hopefully by July I will have acclimated to the heat and my moods will return to normal….well….as normal as my Scorpio moods can be. haha

  2. It seems that your Seasonal Affected Disorder works in a different season to everyone else’s! Then again, the title of the ailment doesn’t state which season, does it? 😀
    I can understand how you feel to an extent. In the UK, we rarely get heat anything like Las Vegas, but anything above 80 degrees is too hot for me. If we have several days of heat on the trot, I just slow to a stop, and sit permanently in front of a fan blowing on my face! Not many houses are air-conditioned here, and only a few shops are, so the heat can get stifling. One of the reasons we chose this house, silly as it sounds, is that the previous owners had installed light/fan assemblies in every ceiling!

    • We’d die without air-conditioning…literally! Your power bills must be amazingly low, Rob. We pay a high price for desert living because our monthly power bill can exceed $500(USD)/321(GBP) during the summer. It’s the season of the year we least look forward to, yet it’s the season where everything is in bloom and beautiful. I suppose the discomfort of the desert’s summer heat is worth suffering through because the other nine months of the year give us near perfect weather. Life is basically a series of trade-offs, but it’s a damn shame we cannot have it all!

  3. That’s an expensive bill alright , to stay cool. You always remain creative however…taking bril photos. Ireland is a very small island…that is why I have to get off it quite frequently. But the way you describe Vegas…seems it is even smaller. If you can find it…you might care to read The Man Who Loved Islands ( I think that’s the title ?) by D.H Laurence. Interesting. All the best…and pls send me a copy on cd or something of that lovely vid of you climbing the mountain for the view. )) kb.

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