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Walked through a neighborhood with Gloria yesterday in search of something fabulous, instead we found a few design citations that left us scratching our heads in confusion. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

Big sky and big mountains are a visual mainstay if you live in the suburbs of Las Vegas. jnyqf6jk copyThis home has potential, but the lack of landscaping and its pealing exterior paint leave it feeling flat and uncared for. The wooden posts are a nice touch though._DSC1802

Enormous and slightly nerve-wracking to imagine this tree on a windy day. _DSC1763

Can’t sugarcoat it, I thought the stone facing on this house was horrible. It reminds me of a rare skin disease or a box of broken Legos._DSC1741

Keeping with the crazy patterns, this front yard of stone tiles and artificial grass is easy on maintenance, but hard on the eyes. I give the design five stars for concept and one star for style._DSC1776It’s not that I enjoy criticizing another person’s home, but sometimes their design choices are truly WTF? moments. The patio stones attached to the side of this house make no sense what-so-ever! _DSC1765Every neighborhood has a guard dog and after a few warning barks this handsome guy decided we were not a threat and happily followed us to the end of his property line._DSC1739These manicured trees look like mushrooms or gumdrops on a toothpick. Either way, the design worked with the style of the house and we liked the concept._DSC1766Cowboy country! We spotted plenty of horses but somehow missed the shirtless cowboys we assumed would be running wild on the ranch. We’ll come back during rodeo season. _DSC1783The light-colored horse was friendly and kept kicking its front hoof on the ground to get our attention. The darker horse wasn’t happy about the attention and eventually bit the other one on the rump._DSC1744Best friends forever or cell mates, depending on your perspective._DSC1747Because this is a desert, the city is required or paid to keep unpaved roads from becoming a dust hazard by running water trucks over them. It seems like a waste of water to me, especially considering the road cuts through an open desert anyway._DSC1759_DSC1753Is it just me or does this bull have a really friendly face? It seemed to enjoy getting its picture taken and at one point I even thought it was flirting. I could be wrong….._DSC1788There are creepy gargoyles all around the¬†perimeter of this property. Not sure if they had anything to do with it, but we spotted several dead birds lying on the ground next to the fence.¬† Just sayin’._DSC1774I swear one of these things turned its head when we weren’t looking!_DSC1773As with most neighborhoods in Las Vegas there is always a park nearby. This is Mountain Crest Park and a popular disc golf course._DSC1811Thanks so much for coming along with us on our adventure and please feel free to add your critique of the homes in the comment section below. I’d love to know your style opinion.


Neighborhood Critics — 8 Comments

  1. Hi – that was fun! Lessee, not a fan of the gumdrop trees, and I think they are a little tall for the entry of the house. But at least their size and shape were consistent – sometimes they get trimmed so randomly that you wonder what the butcher erm, gardener was thinking! I’d love the opportunity and means with which to fix up that New Mexico style one, including better window treatments. It could be a dream. Xeriscaping would be perfect for it. But seriously, with the backdrop of those gorgeous mountains and that beautiful sky, it’s hard to complain. For me, that lego garage was winner for worst. Sad to have spent the money without consulting someone with taste.

    • I agree the New Mexico style house has great potential. It’s actually a large house with an attached 4 or 6 car garage and sits on about an acre of land. Yeah, the Lego house really disturbed me. I’d have to paint the stone a solid color or remove it altogether. However, all of these homes are in a great location and have acreage, so any home would be a good investment.

  2. This was extremely fun for me to read / look at .. what a great journey.. architectural/land design police. I love it! The first picture, it was hard to see the house till I looked closer, I thought it was a junk yard at first. At one time I used to own a construction company and have seen a lot of … fixer-upper things, but I had to laugh at the second picture of the house that looks like it used to be one of the first taco bells. I love the house, it does have a lot of potential but what I had to chuckle at is the interior posts they used for the overhang. it was put in later because you can see the stone brick shims at the bottom of them. just made me chuckle. That stone facing …omg. property value – 20k I liked the grass bordered tiled yard but they should have broken it up with a beautiful stone path or something.. that would have made it a lot easier to look at. It’s very creative as far as solution. It looks like that house used to be a small church to me. I can’t remember what denomination it was but they always had churches in that design. I could be wrong but it was a BAD solution design wise either way. That water truck thing for the roads just makes me upset… definite waste of water. That gargoyle place just has some gnarly energy about it. it’s not the gargoyles… it’s just something else. A disc golf course? I would have a blast with that… seems like fun. reminds me of a game on the wii. Very cool

    Thanks for the morning fun Steven!

    • Aarchitectural/land design police I love it. I just suggested to Gloria that we make this a regular thing, but next time we should also voice our critique on video camera and in pictures. Vegas certainly has no shortage of bad taste! haha

      However, this new venture won’t be without risk. Just as I snapped the photo of the house with the patio tiles glued to the wall the residents walked out of their front door. They looked over at us for a long while, but we just continued chatting away as if we didn’t notice them. It probably helps to be with Gloria on these spying adventures because her appearance is anything but threatening and she carries herself like she owns the expensive house down the street.

  3. REALLY enjoyed that little trip Steven. Very interesting. Love getting to know your lovely neighbourhood. I agree about the horses…cell-mates ! Bored rigid ! Thanks for the trip. kristine

    • I am so happy you enjoyed the trip, Kristine. I often think of you when I come across odd things on these photo treks as I know you would appreciate the artistry behind it. I am creating a collection of them and will post an entry just for you one day.

  4. That was fun!! Really enjoyed it. Desrt homes R sooo different to comprehend than the houses here.
    I keep trying to find a purpose for the patio tiles on the dide of the house…. I git nothing. Was gonna remind u that u r a married man now on the ranch house then I thought it would be more fun for u 2 to buy it and hire the Cowboys!! Nice trip thanks for taking me along

    • The patio tiles on the house didn’t work. I suppose from a strictly visual point of view they add interest somehow. Traditional bricks or another stone siding would have been better. I’d love to own a horse ranch, but for now I will just have to settle for walking past one and taking photographs. If we ever find the shirtless cowboys I’ll be sure to share the photos here.

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