Neighborhood Enigma

Las Vegas neighborhoods are an enigma. Home price, building size, design and acreage can be dramatically different from one house to another yet they all seem to blend harmoniously within the boundaries of the same geographical area. Not to say there isn’t an odd duck floating around though.

If you can find a neighborhood without palm trees in Las Vegas you are not in Las Vegas.13

Not the most decorative initials I have ever seen. Gloria said, “Old Fucking Loser” when she first read the letters. I said, “Open For Love” because I am the romantic one in this friendship.08

This mysterious bell-tower garage/workshop is part of a single family residence. I’d like to believe there is historical value to this building, but chances are the owner just wanted a bell tower without a bell. This is Vegas after all…06

Unflattering stone arches and landscape plastic along the curb give this two-story a “wish I was something I’m not”  feel.05

It’s hard to determine the style influence of this home. A mix of Tuscan and Mission with a sprinkle of Southwestern? On the plus side they have a huge workshop building in the back of the property and a collection of motorhomes and boats.02

Dust warning on this vacant lot otherwise known as a natural desert. Who would have thought dirt is dusty? Thanks for keeping us informed Las Vegas.10

Tudor style estate with a spider and bug habitat growing on its exterior walls.11

Street sweepers are a common sight in every neighborhood. Las Vegas does a fantastic job of keeping the roads clear of litter and for that I feel better about seeing people toss trash out of their car windows.09

Single story ranch style in a small cul-de-sac and somebody’s first car they will never fully restore.04

And of course no neighborhood would be complete without a graffiti signature sprayed across the neighbor’s wall Somebody has to mark the territory!12If you’d like to take a tour of this neighborhood on Google maps click HERE and it will drop you down in front of the bell-tower house. Use your mouse to navigate from there. Have fun and don’t forget to share your thoughts about this neighborhood in the comment section below.


Neighborhood Enigma — 4 Comments

  1. Hey! Tudor style is SUPPOSED to have bug and spider habitat on the outside. It’s mandatory! 🙂 Another fun walking tour – I enjoyed it. Oh, and my feet don’t even hurt.

    • I won’t be moving into a Tudor style home anytime soon then! OMG, I’d never get any sleep if I knew the side of my house was an arthropod breeding ground. I’ll stick with my eight-foot rule, meaning every plant be placed at least that far away from the house.

  2. The bell tower home looks like a prison
    – did u see a guard with a rifle up there? Nice day thanks for the tour! R u looking to buy a new home?

    • You’re right, Sue, the bell-tower does look like a prison! The main house is not shown in the picture. The tower is probably their garage or workshop.

      We are not looking to buy a new home, but enjoy walking through the interesting neighborhoods around town. Usually we start our walks in a park and then venture off in other directions. It’s great exercise and gives me a reason to put my Nikon to work.

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