My New Toy

There’s nothing more fun than playing with a new toy and my new toy is the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Camera. This amazing credit-card sized digital wonder of the world can go anywhere and do almost anything. Its accessory catalog includes a wonderful array of handy camera mounts that enable it to be mounted to poles, car dashboards, skateboards, bicycles, walls, etc.. If you can imagine it, you can mount the GoPro camera to it!

In this video, I am using a head strap that allowed me to freely walk around without holding the camera in my hand and its convenient WiFi remote control made operating the camera easy and quick. You can even change the camera settings by using the remote.

Of course, as with all new toys, there will be a period of experimentation and discovery before the full potential of my new GoPro comes to light. For example, to avoid the bobbing movements from walking when I film using the head strap I could buy a pair of roller skates to generate smoother visuals and if I fall, that’s my viral video for YouTube! Ha!


My New Toy — 7 Comments

  1. Fifty, huh? Well, sixty-six might be the New Fifty. Age is a lot more scary when you’re looking forward at it. Stick around, Steven Goth…..getting old is actually quite cool. The Gummit will even give you money every month, if you get old enough.

    • I’m 51 now and starting to accept this decade of my life. Mostly, I want to get into better physical shape so I can fully enjoy the years yet to come. Old habits die hard….

      • And sometimes something is dropped right in your lap…and you’re not expecting it. This past February, at the ripe old age of sixty-five, I applied for, and was hired as a full time custodian at the local public school. Improbable as it seems, I actually beat out fourteen other applicants. Going in, I never thought I had a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting the job.

        Now, ten months later, I find I have lost fifteen pounds, I’ve toned up my legs big time, and I have stamina that hadn’t been seen since I was in my mid-forties. All the numbers that my doctor deems so important have even crept into the acceptable range. I even find that I can eat ‘most anything I want, without problems. All this, plus a paycheck, for exercising!!

        Oh, I know I’m not Superman…..creaky knees and carpel tunnel problems with the hands make me very aware that I’m the age shown on my driver’s license. All in all, its a good ride, this becoming a genuine, certified Old Bastard.

        I wouldn’t recommend running out and getting a janitor’s job for everyone, but its working for me, and life is pretty damn good!

        • I worked as a janitor for just under 2 years about 12 years ago and it was the most physically challenging job ever! We cleaned office buildings and the sq footage was expansive and difficult. I was in my 30’s back then and it was tough getting though each night without collapsing from exhaustion. I don’t know how you do it at 66, Gary.

  2. You are wise to make 50 your turning point. Good for you. Hopefully you’ll find a way to remain active during the summer months too.

    • Not sure it’s wisdom because I’ve had many turning points in my life in which I attempted to lead a healthier lifestyle and failed. Perhaps it’s just perseverance or Scorpio stubbornness. Ha! Either way, I will keep trying until something sticks or I will die trying.

  3. Awesome camera! (Would’ve enjoyed a “little jogging” during your walk tho’…..just for “camera appreciation” if you know what I mean..LOL!!

    Watching your little vids out and about actually makes me a bit “Vegas-Homesick”….

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