Anita was my very best and first real friend after we moved to Las Vegas from Maryland. She was the shy Japanese girl sitting alone at the bus stop and I was the shy closeted gay boy afraid of everyone at the bus stop!  A perfect match in high school hell if you ask me.

This letter was months into our friendship and obviously she was none to happy about my girlfriend, Barbi. Everybody had a nick name, Nit Nit was Anita and I was P.T. (prick tease) and I haven’t a clue who the anonymous ghost writer on this letter was.



Nit-Nit — 1 Comment

  1. Steven that is so cool that you have those letters, I used to have a box of letters from my bio famiily when I first met them, I kept a box of letters from my first love, my first husband as he was stationed in Ft Carson Co the whole time we dated from my being 15 until he got out in Nov 1969 and we got married in Dec 1969….I had a box of notes from gradeschool friends …..but in the 40 some years (being out of parents house) and at least 18 moves, I have lost them, or tossed them, or just lost touch of where they are…the letters the notes……not the people, the people are in my heart, even tho I think most of them have forgotten who i am….

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