Pueblo Park

Butt-ShakeGloria and I discovered a hidden treasure called Pueblo Park, located on West Lake Mead Blvd in fabulous Las Vegas, NV. It’s not your typical neighborhood park, it’s a winding three-mile adventure (round trip) through a colorful desert wash area in picturesque Summerlin.

The entrance to the park is almost hidden and difficult to enter because the parking area is only accessible by making a right turn from West Lake Mead Blvd because there is a center-median that prevents a left turn into the park. (see map below)

When you visit, make sure it’s on a cool or cloudy day because there is little shade available on the main walking path, with the exception of two fully shaded picnic areas within the first half mile.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of bottled drinking water!

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Pueblo Park — 8 Comments

  1. What I love the most about visiting these parks with Gloria is our conversation during the walks. We’ve been friends for 29 years, so there is never nothing to talk about.

    • I love the picture with the liter – reminds me of a tree grows in Brooklynalso like the succulents in bloom it would be realty cool if u could share your walk with u in real life. my new iphone (yep I finally made it into the 21st (?) century!) has a feature on it that u can see me and I can see u app – we could talk as u point things out to me!!

      • I’d love to share that “real time” visual conversation with you Sue, but I’m still lingering back in the days before iphone madness took over society. My cell phone is a cheap pre-pay that I use only for emergencies.

  2. I wanna go hiking with you two, when I visit my mom in Vegas. You’d be so much more fun than my kvetching mother. I appreciate the fab photos, too. I’ll be sure to bring my boots.

    • Consider it a coffee/walking date, but not before October unless you enjoy dehydration and sunstroke. Actually, if you book a flight today, there’s about 3 weeks of spring remaining.

  3. Steve! this place is a treasure. Great find. I love cactus flowers. They are so delicate against the spiny plants on which they grow. Fascinating. Thanks so much for taking us along.

    • I actually found the park by searching Google’s satellite maps. I zeroed in on a preferred area of town, zoomed in and just started looking for green areas that were not golf courses. Had I not done that, this park would still be unknown to us.

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