Release Request

To whom it may concern,

What does obsessive fear and constant worry have to do with being crazy? I am not sure, but the people keep talking about that when I am in the room and it’s making me feel really annoyed. We are all one breakdown away from being “clinically papered” and if you look deep enough into your own brain I bet you’d find a few cells wearing a straitjacket too.

Perhaps you never need to know it, but there is somebody out there somewhere who has met you and believes you are a nut-job! Take me for example, the first thing I notice when I meet someone is the way in which their eyes move about, darting this way and that, or their voice asking me things like, “Are you being supervised?” and “Do you always make a habit of licking people?” What sane person asks those questions?  Of course I lick people!

So you see, others believe they are normal and go through life never knowing the truth. Just because I worry every day about falling into a sink hole or keep the window blinds shut so the stray cats can’t see in, doesn’t mean I am a whacko. The truth lies in our personal perception of reality. Crazy to one is a naked pole dancer to another. With that being said, I want to officially request my release forms so I can attend the movie award ceremonies this year in Cancun. The show isn’t actually being filmed there, but due to my fear of polyester plaid shoes and my need for cheap tequila, Mexico is my best option.

The Great Benjasmine #625321


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  1. I left out the word HAVE. All my sinks HAVE holes. I’ve known people who’ve had holes in their sinks, but their sinks leak…mine don’t leak.

    • Scary stuff lives down in those sink holes! I heard about a snake crawling out of one while a man was doing the dishes! That is precisely why polyester shoes are no good for running!

    • Thank you Liz and I will be sure to reserve you a table and a tequila at one of Cancun’s finest restaurants!

  2. Cheers to cheap Tequila my friend, from one crazy person to another! This is hilarious. Made me laugh. And you’re right, we’re all a little bit crazy in our own little ways. Luv ya Steve! Thanks for making me laugh again today.

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