The past can catch up with you or in my case, never let you go. As a victim of bullying, I’ve come a long way in overcoming the emotional strain it brought to my life, but every once in a while a memory is triggered that takes me back to that painful time.

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Remembering — 9 Comments

  1. It’s stunning for me to understand you being bullied – you are handsome, smart, funny, slender, stylish – all the things that normally make someone popular. Just goes to show that we can’t walk in anyone’s shoes. I think we all had bits and pieces where we didn’t ‘fit in’, didn’t feel cool enough, but past that is what changes someone permanently, the way you describe. I’m so glad you share these stories with us – it helps me remember not to judge. Thank you for trusting us with your pain.

    • I was bullied for being gay and not very athletic. Many kids have trouble being teased over one thing or the other, but when a kid is relentlessly bullied, year after year, it becomes something much more criminal than simple peer pressure.

      I hope for the day when bullies are prosecuted, in one way or the other, and maybe then the vicious cycle will end.

      • My my my u haver pondering today. Hmmmm prosecute a bully. Maybe reform or educate would be the right thing to do ? Have to think on that one. An old cliche – 2 wrongs doesn’t make it right. Btw I do know what bullying feels like. I was 224lbs when I graduated. Lucky for me I had a strong personality and a few really good friends.

        • Bullying is a crime, Sue. Perhaps if the bullies were prosecuted more often they’d think twice before assaulting people, physically or verbally.

  2. Ya know I feel as though I know u thru your videos- or as much as u want someone to know u. I wish I could introduce myself to u. Sure u can read the smart ass side of me and often funny side but I can’t remner letting down my gaurd (Except to Tina and a small handful of others) very often so more people could really know me. I see some on here with over a thousand. “Friends” – makes me wonder who has relly shared a friendship Well u have and I thank u. Namaste

    • I don’t hide behind a fake persona, Sue, what’s the point of not being yourself? I figured out a long time ago that honesty and realism are the best ways to protect yourself from others. When a person lies and has secrets there is always the chance someone can expose them. I don’t want to live my life under that kind of stress.

      • I did not mean to imply u had a fake persona and I sure as shit do not either’ I just don’t tell everyone I pick my nose until I know them better ( on fb) nor do I come right out and ask someone boxers or briefs but I will say I know u well enough to enjoy your walks and your excite my over ur new toy and that u and Wylde make a very eye pleasing couple ! Gtg have a nice eveninh

        • I know you were not implying I was fake. I was just making a comment about how I see things about myself and others. 🙂

          You have a genuine spirit Sue and I’m always happy to read your comments. You have been a wonderful supporter of my blog since I started it and that means something very special to me.

          • I think u r a genuine good person. One who seems to have slit of talent I have often wondered about what u and Wilde do for livings Maybe sometime u will tell me. It is late here and I have to brave the cold and snow for a dr appt at 7am and hope this phone wakes me. I made Siri a man. Hope he does this right. I actually argue and converse with a phone!!! Gtg. Sweat dreams my friend Namaste

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