Rest In Peace

Pumpkin Family

The temperature is expected to rise near 100ºF or 37.7777ºC this weekend and even though these pumpkins were still solid and strong on the outside, I knew the heat would split them open. . . so. . . to prevent the humiliation of rotting in public, I booked them an extended vacation in Garbage Paradise.

We thank them for the many months of colorful pleasure they gave our garden and sincerely wish them well on their journey into the after-life.


Rest In Peace — 8 Comments

    • We will get through this time of sorrow…

      Wylde purchased them from Albertsons around Halloween. I believe the only reason they last so long is our garden is shaded during the winter months and they stay nice and cool. Plus, as long as you don’t cut them open, they seem to last forever. We do it every year.

  1. wow Thats a long time for pumpkins, ours would have been shurnken and shriffled by xmas….hey, i know i have asked before but missed the answer if there was one
    <<< the shoes hanging from the wires what does that mean?
    In my town I have seen shoes hanging in a couple of neighborhoods…seems like a waste of shoes unless they are worn out and just dont want to throw them away?
    oh…and your fish were VERY hungry…I fed them 🙂

    hugs t ya

  2. Please accept my sympathy in your time of great loss. A donation has been sent to the home for aging pumpkins in their name. It’s hard enough to lose one, but 3 at once is just too much. No comment on the giant pile of trash.

  3. My son broke up the pumpkins one year & buried them beside the house. The next year we had pumpkins veins everywhere & 3 beautiful Pumpkins =)
    It is sad to see them go..

    • It’s almost pumpkin season again, perhaps we should have a competition on who can keep them the longest? (Putting them in a freezer doesn’t count either. lol )

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