River Walk

RIVER WALK posterThis poster (area in black) was created by merging two photographs together and then colorizing selected areas. Of course, the process is not that simple or quick. . . many hours are spent editing and fine tuning before the final design is achieved. The extra embellishments surrounding the poster were created for this blog presentation, but I am now wondering if I should include the extra bling as part of the poster itself?


River Walk — 5 Comments

    • Or perhaps offer both, one with bling and one without. Currently, the one without bling is offered as a poster in my Zazzle store.

    • Thank you, Irene. River walk (the actual poster part in the middle) was included in an art show I was invited to have a few years ago and was one of the favorite pieces. In real life the building in the picture is colorless. 🙂

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