Rocky Road

StartGloria and I took full advantage of yesterday’s 70° temperature with a trek around Lone Mountain. The hike is rocky and rough, yet at only 2.5 miles from start to finish, this trail gives the illusion of being a rural adventure without the worry of carrying a lot of gear.

hillDon’t be fooled by these dirt roads because they’re much steeper than they seem in the photograph. Or so the story goes from the perspective of two people who haven’t been hiking in months!

curveOf course with a neighborhood and a freeway only minutes away from the trail we never really got the sense of being alone with nature, but the purpose of our walk wasn’t about solitude and nature as much as it was about exercise and friendship.

freewayLas Vegas looms in the distance as we circled the mountain on our final decent back into the city. We spent about an hour and half on this adventure, just enough time to feel invigorated instead of exhausted.


Dirty ShoesDusty shoes as a reminder that we accomplished what we set out to do. Sometimes life is best served with a fresh dose of friendship and an adventure. Happy trails everybody!


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  1. Steven,
    I have so many comments lol I will try to keep it short. You make me want to do videos again Steven. “I’ve never come this way before” TRESPASSERS!!! is what I thought hehehe. I’m glad you have Gloria to go with you. I can’t get anyone to go with me that’s over the age of two and as fast as they are growing they might get sick of me dragging them! Steven, I could tell how uphill that was and thought if one of them trips the other is gonna panic. I fell for the dead run towards the “gulch” and thought ARE YOU KIDDING ME GLORIA??? Then I said where are her hiking boots? They have some stylish ankle boots if you guys are going to be doing this a lot 🙂 I followed the lines of the road and thought if I was there I’d make it half way up and wait for you troopers to come back down. Don’t you kids bring water? I pack a bag even if I never use it I bring water and a snack. Matches in my side pocket. Its as easy to get lost there as it is here. You guys had a great walk, I enjoyed myself watching and sipping my drink…. then I looked out the window and was brought back to reality painfully fast. I wish I could send you some snow. The picture of the long road was nice but honestly looked scary to me. I’m thinking its a well traveled road to where and why and who drives there? Old suspicious me Steven! I’d be looking over my shoulder every second, as I DO when I’m in the woods alone. That sidewalk is incredibly close the that sudden up hill, pretty cool. I loved ALL your pictures but my favorite is the big rock and that awesome horizon. I know we use the word awesome a lot but if you know a better word fill me in, it was awesome to me. That was a great adventure, thanks for sharing. Gail

    • I wasn’t sure if Gloria was going to jump the gulch either! You just never know what an Aries will do and that’s one of the things I love about them. In the photo the road looks desolate, but in reality there was a neighborhood just a few hundred feet away. Hell, had any homeowners been in their backyard we could have yelled over to them. There was very little chance the elements of nature would have harmed us, we had water in my camera-bag and cell phones in our pockets. Funny you noticed her shoes because I lectured her on not wearing something with better off-road traction too. Maybe next time….

      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog, Gail. I keep my websites active because I enjoy sharing my thoughts, photos and adventures with my friends and others. When someone writes a comment it breathes extra life into the posting and becomes a conversation. That’s what really important anyway.

  2. This was awesome!! loved it! I just love the banter you guys do.. reminds me of my old best friend from 20 years ago. we were so comfortable with each other we could say anything and have a blast.

    • Our friendship goes back 31 years and that makes for great banter. Our personalities mix really well because we’ve always been open and honest with each other. There’s no topic we cannot discuss….well, politically we have slight differences, but I will bring her around to my way of thinking eventually. lol

  3. We had a great fun walk, thanks for coming up with a new trail for us. Do I get to pick the next one? hee hee. You was breathing pretty heavy maybe we should bring your Mom’s transport chair next time in case you might have a need for it. ha. Actually we could have rode it down a couple of those hills!

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