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It seemed like a logical solution to follow the power-lines back to civilization after escaping my captors, but my hope soon turned to despair as I noticed the miles and miles of dangerous land stretched out in front of me. How was it possible I allowed myself to get into this mess? Had only I utilized my years of training and ignored the spontaneity of my emotions, I would be happily at home having dinner with my family instead of fighting for my life in this desolate land.

I can remember the kids jumping on my back, tickling me, then chasing me around the room on their tiny legs trying in vain to match my adult speed. Finally, I would stop running and allow them to pile onto my back once more, then laughter and hugs and kisses would follow. I miss them.

I can remember the soft caress of her fingers combing through my hair as we lie comfortably together on the sofa watching a favorite film. Those evenings were the best, it was our special time together and nothing else in the world seemed to matter. I wonder how frantic she is right now, wondering what has become of me?

I am exhausted and my thirst has made it twice as difficult to breathe, if only those clouds in the sky would release their water instead of teasing me with an occasional drop of rain like they have done for days and days and days.  Maybe I should sleep now. . .

The newspaper ad read:  Beloved German Shepard missing since July 4th. Answers to Hero, loves children.  If found, please call. . .

From Here To There

1318374700_CoverThe road. . . so very important in today’s hectic, hurry-up world.  We need roads to navigate our busy, curious and social lives.  We need roads to transport life saving medicines, to deliver life-sustaining food and water,  to do just about everything a modern society needs to do.

The road is mostly unavoidable, even in rural undeveloped places you will find a road, made of dirt perhaps, but a road never-the-less.  With that being said, this little photo collection is about the roads I travel on around Las Vegas, Nevada.  Every road has its own unique personality, some friendlier than others. . . so, fasten your seat belt!

1318374692_red rock 1318374680_Intersection 1318374651_Strip 1318374561_airport1318374549_off ramp 1318374524_overlook 1318374508_Truck 1318374473_city view 1318374463_rain1318374438_Park 1318374423_freeway 1318374412_Desert

The Sneeze

Allergies are going to be the death of me because I’m fairly certain my life will end on the backside of a sneeze. It’s not the most glamorous parting, but at least it won’t be unexpected.

They say your heart stops or skips a beat each time you sneeze, so according to my calculations, I have experienced heart failure almost everyday of my life! Allergies are my immune system’s way of telling my body to screw off! Pollen, dust, rain, wind, perfume, cologne, spring, summer, fall, winter and any derivatives thereof, were destined to be my worst enemy from the moment I inhaled my first breath.

To add insult to injury, when I was young and in school, not only was I teased for being a skinny shy kid who sucked at sports, I was also teased for nonstop sniffling and sneezing and having a tissue up to my nose every second of the day, in which, the bully kids used as reason to give me…yet another…derogatory nickname of ‘Snot Rag’.

So here I sit, decades later, with a snot rag in hand, a runny nose, itchy swollen eyes and a massive sneeze lingering in the background, asking myself if today is the day that sneeze will snuff me out.

Fears And Worry

Fears and worry for me is a pendulum between two emotional evils. I worry because I fear death, illness, poverty, loneliness, loss, sadness, pain etc.. I fear because I cannot escape the worry.

Common sense tells me that worries about tomorrow are pointless, but fear doesn’t understand time and is not connected to my common sense. If I am to be honest with myself, only a tiny percentage of my fears actually come true and even then they are nothing as bad as I envisioned them. However, my worries quickly interject with a limitless list of possible doomsday scenarios and then, of course, my fears jump on the bandwagon and the pendulum starts swinging once more.

When I envision a life of happiness and productivity, I soon realize how out of reach that can be, not because I am unable to reach that goal due to the of lack of ability, but because of the crippling result of fears and worry.

I will continue to battle my nasty little demons because life should feel worth the effort and since I’ve come this far playing my cat and mouse game somebody has to win. . . and it’s not going to be the other guy!

Flying By

The sky around my town is always changing. It’s not from nature, although the occasional rain shower is a welcome sight, the oddities come from jets. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for the erratic flight paths that can be seen from the jet trails they leave behind. One day they fly in from the west, the next day they fly in from the north or east or south or any combination of the four. Sometimes I have to ask myself if they are really jets. After all, I live only 100 miles or so from the infamous area 51.

The trails in this picture from yesterday were exceptionally strange, my guess is the display was military passing over because the four evenly spaced trails abruptly ended. (left side of the palm trees) I watched the sky for an extended period of time, thinking maybe the planes were getting too far away to see the trails in the distance, but another jet followed behind them and it’s trail did not disappear.

 I hear people talk of government conspiracy theories about slowly poisoning us with chemicals sprayed out over major cities…I don’t believe that! What I see in the sky is a crazy display of too many airplanes flying at the same time. Unless, these trails were not from four different jets, but one really gigantic one and I’ve been abducted by aliens and have yet to realize I am not actually writing this blog entry

Don’t Eat Me!

Ever have one of those days when it feels like you spend most of it trying to convince people to do things a different way?

Take this little worm in the comic for example, he’s smart enough to know if he uses the right words he can convince the catfish to not eat him, but is the catfish really paying attention? Probably not, all it knows is the worm is smaller and would make a tasty meal. GULP

There you have it. . .most of the time people don’t pay attention to ideas that stray away from their own. Some days are worse than others when no amount of convincing will be enough to prevent us from being swallowed. All we can do is take comfort in knowing that eventually a bigger fish will swim by and eat them!

Or we can take full ownership of our ideas and not expect others to validate them. Of course, the best plan of action is finding a way to prevent ourselves from being wrapped around the hook in the first place. The moral of this story?  Don’t dress like a tasty meal!


When you are sleep deprived the entire world will take on a distorted, desaturated look. The sky isn’t blue anymore, it’s just bright and is a reminder you are awake . . . still.

The night is a welcome friend until you realize it is passing too quickly as you lay there in suspended animation, wondering if your eyes have forever lost their ability to remain shut. The morning arrives and you fill your veins with caffeine to stay awake for the day ahead with plans to force every last bit of energy out of your body.

It is all in vain because the demons of thought require no sleep and grow more powerful as the body weakens. Your mind, body, and soul are three different entities fighting for the same physical real estate. In the end your whole damn body is going to be foreclosed upon!