The Temptress

A micro story by Steven dress-607

A rendezvous in the canyon turned to disappointment as Alex watched his bisexual date get seduced by a woman in red.  Another lonely afternoon with an unfulfilled heart was all he ever knew, until he went into porn and made a fulfilling fortune!

Standing Your Ground

This photograph was inspired by Van Lokey’s brilliant idea to use model train figurines as subjects. The Native Americans in this shot are two and half inches in height whereas HO scale model figurines are usually about three-quarters of an inch tall. Thank you Van for sharing your secret.

A man stands ready to protect his land and people. Standing Your Ground

Neon Slice of Life

Sometimes life’s visual is extra interesting if you change it to something unrecognizable from reality. Movement converted into light gives this movie its mesmerizing neon effect. (For a better experience watch full screen and in HD.)

(If this video stops and starts, click off the HD feature on the play ↑ bar.)