When you are sleep deprived the entire world will take on a distorted, desaturated look. The sky isn’t blue anymore, it’s just bright and is a reminder you are awake . . . still.

The night is a welcome friend until you realize it is passing too quickly as you lay there in suspended animation, wondering if your eyes have forever lost their ability to remain shut. The morning arrives and you fill your veins with caffeine to stay awake for the day ahead with plans to force every last bit of energy out of your body.

It is all in vain because the demons of thought require no sleep and grow more powerful as the body weakens. Your mind, body, and soul are three different entities fighting for the same physical real estate. In the end your whole damn body is going to be foreclosed upon!

Balloon Fight!

-Seize The Moment-

Doris and Barbara always found ways to keep me entertained behind the camera lens. This set of photos was taken during one of my Aunt Doris’s Vegas vacations.

I had been taking pictures all afternoon and dressing the girls up in wings and wigs when Barbara decided to whack her sister with a pair of red balloons. After a moment of pause, Doris burst into laughter and the balloon fight ensued.

Picture taken on October 15, 2006

——————————————————————————– Live for the moment

The Shed

The shed sits there, filled to the brim with garden stuff…dirty, rusted, bent, metal tools designed specifically to rip nature apart.  The windows are frosted with decades of oily dirt and blocked by handmade shelves falling dangerously to the left.  Containers of pesticides, dried out paint and gasoline decay in perfect harmony.

The groundskeeper has not been here in ages, only the insects and rodents have access now.  One day the shed will split open when the shelves finally fall against the weakened corner and only then will the truth be discovered.  Mr. Greene stored much more than his garden supplies in the metal box behind the lawn mower.

Mrs. Greene’s first-born child will no longer be missing.