Season of Joy

snowmanDecember is stressful for me. Not because something negative is happening in the domestic nest, but because I feel a bombardment of overall busyness surrounding me everywhere. People are scattered about buying things they don’t normally buy because of an obligation called the Holiday Season.

Crowds of people appear in places that are usually quiet and manageable. City streets overflow with aggressive traffic. Parking lots become mechanical oceans and humans transform into hungry sharks devouring their retail prey. Instinctively, mindlessly, society recreates this month after month, year after year, decade after decade.

This is not the season of joy, it’s the season of money.


Season of Joy — 4 Comments

  1. Very well said (((((bro))))). People don’t seem to give of their hearts either or give because they want too. Some people only think about those that don’t have anyone or homes or food just on this holiday or Thanksgiving and completely forget about them any other time of the year. To me, this is wrong. We all should think of everyone less fortunate than ourselves each and every day of our lives, not just during the holiday days.

    Humans are so into themselves too much to really reach out to those in need. Grant it not everyone has the money to help everyone….but there are other ways to help those in need besides money. Send them a card, write a letter, give them a call, send hugs and love via the computer, spend some quality time with them and so much more.

    The holiday season shouldn’t be a time of stress and distress. It should be a time of giving of one self to another….brightening up the other’s day with a friendly hello or smile and making the other person feel wanted, needed, appreciated and loved. There are too many lonely people on this planet, and too many people that think they are not worthy enough to have friends or anyone to love them. I know this feeling well. I personally don’t get out and about among society like I once did many years ago, so the way I contribute to society and others in need I send hearts and smiles and cards via computer to let those who are down in the dumps how I value them as a person and a friend or family member. If everyone just did something small like this, that did not include money and expensive gift giving etc….I think this world would be a better place in my personal humble opinion only.

    I love you (((((bro))))) although I’ve never met you face to face I still love you!!! I appreciate your kindness and acceptance and love towards me. I appreciate your incredible talent of photography and I appreciate your kind heart towards others and your love for all animals.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, to your partner Wylde and to your wonderful Momma!!!!


    • Your comment is wonderfully insightful, Lyndee. Thank you for sharing it here. You are a very special person and I appreciate your unwavering friendship and support greatly.

  2. Mercy i’m with you! I absolutely can’t stand the season. It’s depressing watching people transform into something they never fully pull out of. and with each passing year, it gets worse.

    • I really try to embrace the holiday season each year, but as the weeks go by I always lose my patience along with whatever joy I might have felt before it all started. I look forward to New Years because it represents a fresh start and banks another 12 months before the Christmas craziness begins again.

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